Australians Put Under the High Court Hammer for $900- Bonus

Ever Feel like your not being heard, that you want to scream so hard that you want the Govermeant To Hear what you want, an need in this time of Recession, which reports have said will be over at the end of 2009.

Well Recently Kevin Rudd, has made a Promise once again that Australians, inc. Pensioners, Elderly an Young Alike, Plus those in the working middle class will now get $900-.

Whilst there are people as well trying to voice there opinions and thoughts on the reports, many are still being Drowned out and Unheard in there comments, not only in the Australian News Papers, but online as well.

Yesterday there was a report, that yes Hardened Criminals were going to get the $900- bonus, followed by dead people who cant even bloody vote anymore, to a persons dog.

What about a Person who has more than 1 dog or cat in there household, are they eligble for it to, or have we Voted the criminals into Parliment.

From Reports of Pensioners eating out of dog food cans, just to survive, just isnt right, an is Inhumane, then we have people on streets an those not only within the religious system being charged under the vilification act a couple of years back, of Which you had muslims slip into a meeting where they were Uninvited Guests, to Hilali calling women Pieces of meet on the street to the Cronulla Riots of which muslims, called some young girls “Sluts & Whores” at the beach.

The People of Australia have been Betrayed by there govermeant, there justice system, and even there Banking System, with Prices Fluctuating up and down like the waters of the sea.

By what i have heard there is also a “Notice Of Understanding & Intent Of Claim Of Right for Australia”, of where it shows us that we are basic collateral for those in the Banking WorldWide, an have become basically enslaved by our own federal banking system commonly known to Australians as the Reserve Bank.

So let your Voice be heard, an Speak up of what you want to hear about, your comments here will be heard instead of flushed out by Mainstream Media.