When Australian Politicians Tax too Much?

Over the years Politicians have bought out Many Taxes and many taxes that are very unnecessary for the well-being of  Australians.

From the Latest being the Carbon Tax, we already have GST in place, an how many more Illegal Taxes do we have to keep in place for Australia to Stand on its own 2 feet.

From Politicians, who will allow Illegal Immigration to come into the Country, then to take the Jobs of Hard Working Citizens, and many they could train up to fill those Jobs, without ripping them off of House & Land, with yes of course, LAND SALES TAX.

Taxed to go to the toilet, taxed to go to work, taxed to buy our groceries, not once, but nearly 5 times over, then we have other Taxes on top of Taxes.

An the Consumer is Left Asking, when will the Taxing Stop, whilst many have been Paying these Taxes, and getting nothing back, its like a Great Train Theft Robbery with all the peoples Gold, which has been stolen for years upon years, but this Gold, also belongs to many of the descendants, of which were 1st taxed, an which over time, it would have so much Interest Gained on it, it would be enough to Pay Off, Mortgages, Loans, the Horrible Credit Card, as well as many multi-billion dollar debts, that it would almost make the dollar non existent once again.

Then we have the Banks doing their Part to follow the Scam Bandwagon of giving people fees for the Lamest of Reasons, for example, paying a fee for $35- because when a transaction went out, you didn’t have enough money, when so easily, that transaction for that XX amount of dollars could have easily been stopped, until the money was available, its like the Bankers have lost their Brains in how to help the customer, not bring them to poverty because of a slight stuff up.