When Pet Insurers Rip you off!!!

I have been using a Pet Insurance group now for a whole year now, an they have decided to rip me off with there stupid LIES within Policies to Rip Me Off of more, I had to take one of my pets to the Vet for something that deemed Serious or Appeared Serious with the Pets condition, which i had to for out nearly $300Aud, I left the claim form with the Vet which they filled out the stuff they needed to fill out knowing what my pet was in for, I knew that in the Insurance, which I Paid for full coverage of my Pets for there Insurance, only to have the Wankers Not be Honest to me, and not even go out of there way to contact the Vet Clinic of which my Pets go to, yet they had no problem paying out for the Pets Vaccinations, but now¬† for something that could be deemed serious at the time, in regards to the Pets Health, they won’t Budge to Pay a cent of what I paid, and yet who is Paying there Wages, with my Insurance, its me, Which just shows, how very un-Australian, and Inhumane, Insurance mobs can be.