The Gay/Bisexual/Straight Whorehouse Industry:The Industry of Death Dealers.

Over the weekend i found out from of my friends went to a gay Sauna, called Subway Sauna on Flinders Street in Melbourne, he describe his experience in there that he was approached & touch without his permission by a complete stranger who also kissed him in there bathrooms, which he didn’t want at all, as he was preyed upon from a gay asian, they had no respect too him in what they had done, and no remorse for there actions, as now he has noticed the symptoms of an STI which he is now making arrangements to see a doctor & now see these Gay Saunas a Disease Warehouses of Death that should be shut down & may never go back into another one again.

The Shadow Of Death

Saying it has turned him off the Gay Lifestyle, let alone even the Bi-sexual Lifestyle & that he was safer at home watching porn at least he would know that he wouldn’t get any complete stranger violating his space & giving out these STI’s or STD’s, an that the Gay Lifestyle is also a curse upon the whole nation that the nation should be called to repentance & leave its wicked ways.

He has also seen the error of his own ways & even repentant himself trusting left only in God who can heal him an whatever treatment can free him of this shadow of death.