What you are doing when you are ‘just following orders’

NSW police caught red handed. Breach of software copyright.

Thats not the only thing the Police can legally distribute here in Australia on the net…..Think NAMBLA, then give them a Police Badge & you get squads that deal with certain Porn….



NSW Police a very happy to harrass the public for piracy and breach of copyright but are doing it them selves at the same time, massive hypocrisy!

Nice one Ben Grubb, who followed our wikipedia edigate story.

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Legal concept: Void ab initio

Sounds like a Majority of Our Laws, Its all to make a Profit of Misery & corruption care of the dept of justice.


Ab initio‘Ab initio’ is Latin meaning from the beginning or from the outset.

Void means not valid.

In this famous quote Chief Justice Latham clarifies what ‘ Void ab initio’ means quite well.

Want to apply fake laws? Good luck with that, you have got nothing.

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Perjury in Victoria: the law

Yep, that describes the dept of Justice here in Australia, targeting the disabled, to scapegoat them for crimes they have created, trying to make them out as things they aren’t.



314. Perjury (1) Whosoever commits wilful and corrupt perjury or subornation of perjury shall be liable to level 4 imprisonment

(15 years maximum).


cogginsj_small perjury with bars


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The Government Is Planting Child Porn On Your Computer

Yep, Its true & the Govt & Dept of Justice get away with this corruption LEGALLY