Pornography Leads to Child Pornography, Child Abuse – YouTube

Child Porn Act: Mask for Privacy Invasion – YouTube

Yep, according to the Govt & Dept Of Justice, everyone is a Child Sex Predator all except them, who can get away with reproducing, distributing child porn online.

Yep thats right, they plan on targeting you, the public, disabled included to be made out to be Child Sex Predators, because they can freely condition you to become something you arent.

Dozens Busted For Child Porn At Pentagon! – YouTube

Govt & Dept Of Justice, have to protect there own Child Sex Predators in those Badges they wear.

Child Pornography Suspects Get Bail – YouTube

Govt & Dept Of Justice Protect there own Child Sex Predators in this Video

5,200 Pentagon Employees Bought Child Pornography – This story would be buried without RT – YouTube

Govt & Dept Of Justice Help the child porn industry

Govt Porn Scandal


Study Shows How People addicted to Porn are conditioned to go into child porn.