Pentagon Tied to Distribution of all Child Porn Distribution around the world conditioning & brainwashing others to be what they are……

Yep, these are your worlds child sex predators & pedophiles.
They Hide Behind Badges, they claim they stand for Justice, yet its ok for them to view & distribute child porn, an create more child porn around the world.
We call them Judges, Police Officers, All those of the Dept Of Justice, also including those in the Medical Field who Protect these Predators in Badges.
Whilst Many of the Innocent, have been Brainwashed, Conditioned, including those fragile & vulnerable like the disabled who get scapegoated for their crimes,

Valley Pediatrician accused of distributing child porn

Yes thats right, even your doctor can distribute child porn, even if its of your child.
Yes it happens in Australia too, but there protected by the Law Of the Land.
Both working together

Deputy accused of creating child pornography

Dept Of Justice & Govt reproducing child porn, even on the internet.
Yes It seems the true child sex predators are those who also scapegoat the public.
Those of the Dept Of Justice, an those that Protect them in the Medical System.
Both are Products of Both Hitler & Kinsey put together..
They will Protect their own, but they wont protect you, even if your disabled.

FBI faces Child Porn Charges

Dept Of Justice Protect there own again, whilst they scapegoat others for the same crime