Tyrants Run Our Govt & Dept Of Justice.








Tyranny, it happens today, an shows itself that even the Public Notice it.

I came across this quote on another website I sometimes go onto, an this is Thomas Jefferson, Stating that Tyranny is Defined, which is Legal for the Govt but Illegal for the Citizens to do.

He Words Ring True in this day & age, an in so many areas.

We Truly do have Tyrants running this country of Australia, from Our Govt to Dept Of Justice.

They Truly have become Hitlers Successors, an Kinsey‘s Proteges.

This Quote of Thomas Jefferson, reminds me & also confirms to me, of things even Jesus said in the Book of Matthew, linking to Corrupt Leaders in His Day, that would get away with the same Tyranny.

It also confirms, of how the Govt even to the Dept Of Justice, like to make themselves look so Pious, when in Reality, they are far from it, but also continue in there Tyranny, Terrorizing the People by any means possible.

With a statement like this of Great Renown of his day, He too would’ve known of the Horrors of people being scapegoated for Govt & Dept Of Justice crimes, that also happens in this day & age.

I know Thomas Jefferson might be dead, but in my Books, He can be an Honorary Australian, an I don’t care what royalty says about it

Thomas Jefferson.