Forgiveness for Offenders by Lester Sumrall.

While we are thinking about Jesus’ teachings on Sex, we should take special note of the way he forgave Sex Offenders. He shows us once again that God is ready to welcome back anyone who repents of sin- even a Sexual Sin.

When Jesus traveled through the region of Samaria, he stopped at a well to get a drink. A woman came to dip her jar in the well, an Jesus struck up a conversation with her. This was highly unusual because Jews had a deep resentment of the Samaritans, who were a mixed breed, half-jew an half-gentile. But Jesus was so interested in this woman’s soul that he didn’t let racial differences stand in the way. He talked to her. And after discussing theology for a few minutes, Jesus said “Go call your husband, an come here” John 4:16.

The woman must have smiled as she said “I have no husband” “You have well said, “I have no husband”’” Jesus replied for you have had 5 husbands, an the 1 whom you have now is not your husband; in that you spoke truly vs18.

Notice that Jesus didn’t condemn her for her sin. He didn’t shame her for what she had done. But he did confront her with the truth; he told her point blank that her sex life needed to be Straightened out. He let her know that he was well aware of her promiscuous life, an he wanted her to come clean before God.

Earlier I mentioned the incident in which a woman anointed Jesus’ feet with tears(Luke 7:36-50). The bible simply says that she was a woman in the city who was a sinner in vs 37. The Bib;e commentator Charles L. Childers says “Such an expression as this in the N.T terminology, means a prostitute” Dr Childers interpretation seems confirmed by the way the Pharisees reacted to this woman.They said”This man if He were a Prophet, would have known who & what manner of woman this is who is touching him, for she is a sinner” vs 39.

The Pharisees were careful students of the Law. They didn’t want to defile themselves by touching anyone who had violated God’s Commandments. So they would have nothing to do with the woman. But Observe Jesus’ Attitude. He watched her kneel at His Feet & weep unashamedly in front of all the men; then she let her long hair down, an used it to wipe his feet with her tears. Jesus had compassion on her, He could see through her sin of Prostitution & discern her needs of her heart. So he Said “Your Sins are Forgiven…Your faith has saved you, go in peace” verses 48 & 50. The master expositor Matthew Henry writes:

Let who will object, Christ will bid the penitent that applies to him to depart in peace, partaking of salvation through faith in His Name. But may we not with shame confess, that while we hope our offenses are freely pardoned, we love but little?….Instead of grudging greater sinners the mercy they find with Christ upon their repentance, we should be stirred up by their example to examine ourselves, whether we are indeed forgiven, and do love Christ.

This is God’s grace as work. By no means do we see Jesus treat sexual offenses in a casual half hearted way.(Personal note:but we do see this half hardheartedness in todays courts).He takes sin seriously, but he also takes repentance seriously. Whenever a sex offender comes to Him & says “Lord, I am sorry for what I’ve done;”Jesus is ready to forgive.(P.N:Unlike todays courts & D.O.J), He is ready to forget the Offense of the Prostitute, the adulterer, the homosexual, or the person guilty of any other Sexual Offense(P.N:Unlike the Bitterness & Greeds of the courts today). Sexual Sins are very grave matters in God’s Sight; but He is just as willing to forgive the Sex Offender as He is to forgive the smallest of Sin of a Godly Person.

Christ can make something beautiful of your life. No matter what your sins have been- even if you have been sexually immoral in the Vilest way-Jesus stands ready to forgive you & cleanse you of your sin. He can wipe the evil deeds & evil thoughts out of your life forever, if you give him a chance.


The Schizophrenic Government:Demonizing The People They Serve.

Often when you think of Schizophrenic, the picture comes to mind of someone in the Insane Asylum, Let’s also look at a Paranoid Schizophrenic Government.

Where the People of the Government especially in Leadership Positions get so Paranoid like a Schizophrenic.

Because they fail to criticize themselves for the Nation Falling Apart, they turn to Demonize the People they are meant to Serve.

The same thing Happened in Christ’s Time, as they accused Christ of doing Works by the Devil.

Yet all throughout the Old & New Testament, God showed alot of His Rebukes went to Leaders Of The Land.

So todays Leaders are Demonizing the People of CRIMES they are Guilty Of, Not only Directly, but also Indirectly.

Why Jesus was so harsh on the Leaders of His Day, because many had gone into a Delusional State Of Mind, they lost all Soundness even in Govt & Leaders underneath them.

The Same is seen today but in greater scale especially in Govt & Leadership underneath them, that they have forgotten to clean their own house & laws, an made idols to worship of themselves.

So the Question comes up, will things get better or worse?

Scripture in Old & New Testament shows things will get worse, inc. in The Govt & Leaders underneath them will go into greater & greater Delusional Paranoid Schizophrenia, having More & More People Demonized, whether linked to an addiction or Not.

It will reflect Hitlers Reich, not only in Subtle Ways, but also in ways it will show in Public.

Hitlers SS has been Revived, using a Different Name, but the Same Mask.

Hitlers SS Targeted Jews, The Disabled with all types of disabilities, bringing up any excuse to Murder them Off, treated as Scum of the Earth, thrown into Jail, executed by Firing Squad & Murdered in Gas Chambers, cold heartedly an without Remorse.

The same is happening in these days an compassion is like it doesn’t exist anymore over the World. inc. Australia.

The Protections of them, Treated like they don’t exist, an accused for crimes the Govt & Leaders created, used as Lambs to the Slaughter, an Scapegoats for the Leaders Crimes against Humanity.

As Govt Delusion continues to grow it will submit itself fully into the System & Mindset of the Anti-Christ targeting all Christians & Jews, not caring what you look like or background, or where abouts you are in your Relationship with God.

I write this Not only as a Lamb led to the Slaughter, but also as a Scapegoat.

Even though I shall continue to Trust In God & Love Him, An Thank Him for Jesus Christ an for the Holy Spirit.

The World Mocks God.

With God, All Things Are Possible.


Vipers in the Seat Of Moses:Jesus rebukes the Leaders of Iniquity that hide behind the Law.

I’m sure your wondering, what is the seat of Moses, the seat of Moses was seen as the chiefest or Head Seat, not only with the Sanhedrin(Which established laws of the land), but it also covered local law as well.

We see reference to this in Matt 23 where Jesus rebukes Leaders of Iniquity that hide behind the Very Laws they have Created.

Jesus shows even though they have created laws by which they try to Hide from God’s Wrath, He shows they can Hide Nothing from God.

From chapt 23:2-6 we see Jesus showing you how much Pride these Leaders of Iniquity love to Sit in the Seat of Judgment(whether they be Judges,Police Officers or even the Writers of Laws of Iniquity that also protect them of their Crimes on the community), he then states do & observe what is asked of you, He then shows those who gave these Laws of Iniquity they say to you not to do it, but they themselves do it already behind closed doors.

In verse 4 He shows they bind heaven burdens, an make scapegoats of innocent people, by laying their crimes onto Innocent shoulders, but they are too lazy to repent of their Injustice, verse 5 they Pride themselves to be Seen & Worshiped By men, an do anything to increase there reputation in there community, verse 6 shows their Pride is so Poisonous they want to be at the Top.

In verse 13 we see the Beginning of Woes for these Leaders of Iniquity that Hide Behind the Law.

He says they shut up the Kingdom of Heaven against all men, an they themselves are to cowardly to enter in.

Verse 14 Jesus shows these Lawless leaders are Greed Driven that they would devour or take away the housing of widows which could be expanded into falsely accusing others disabled or not for Earthly Gain.

Verse 15 Jesus shows how desperate these Leaders are to try an convert someone to their own laws of iniquity, an in the Process there actions create Monsters they feared.(they condition & brainwash them to be things that they aren’t).

Verse 16 Jesus says they are Blind Guides because the things they make Oaths to are to Make a Profit, an this Profit creates Debt.

Jumping to verse 23 Jesus shows these Leaders of Iniquity pay lip service to God, an have Taken away God’s Law, Righteous Judgments, Mercy & Faith, that they have left them all Undone.

The Next Woe in verse 25 He shows how externally they make themselves look Perfect to People around them, but the Truth is this is a Falseness in their character because they are full of Extortion & Excess, they will do anything to make a Profit for Earthly Gain. Inc. Mistreatment of the Public.

Verse 27 Shows they are Likened unto a Glorified Memorial Tomb, which appears beautiful, but inwardly are full of Dead Mens Bones, an they are completely Unclean, they show themselves to be righteous, their complete character is one of Hypocrisy & Iniquity.

Verse 29-35 Jesus shows that these Leaders of Iniquity are Hypocrites because they try to live off the Righteousness of those, which they have Shed Innocent Blood by their Laws of Iniquity.

He says they are Serpents & Vipers, Serpents because they Legally Strangled the community by their Laws of Iniquity & Vipers because they Poisoned many & Killed many by their actions, by Mistreatment off all Innocent, Disabled or Not.

Verse 35 Jesus shows in fullness they have Shed Innocent Blood inc. The Blood of the Righteous. By their actions they Have Dishonored God & His Kingdom.

All these things Jesus Addressed are showing their Head today, even in Australia, an all these Woes apply to All Leaders of Iniquity today that they can Hide behind the Laws they have created to hide from God’s Judgment on them.

With Christ Jesus wisdom it not only Exposes the Dept of Justice in these Days, but also Politics.

The Leaders of Iniquity want the Public to be honest with them, but the Leaders of Iniquity won’t accept the Blame for their Dishonest Actions they have done to the Public & Be Honest not only to the Public, but also to themselves because they Pride in Lip Service, which has harmed so Many Directly & Indirectly.

The Hypocrisy Of The Law:Jesus response to those who are the Law of The Land.

In Matt 7:1-6 & Luke 6:37-45, Jesus shows us even those in Places of Leadership of any Nation or Country to Judge Not Lest You Be Judged for the Same Unrighteous Act, or Even Permit that act for yourself an not for others in the Law Of the Land.

 That would steer a course of Unrighteous Judgment by showing it’s Ok for someone of the Law Of The Land to do an act classed as Illegal for the People, but for themselves they made it Legal to do Illegal Activities.

I can bring up many examples on this even in this day an age of where Unrighteous Judgment Is Present.

Jesus taught the Majority of Judgment done in his day was People Judging by the Flesh, as what also happens today, All in Leadership Positions in Govt & Law, Judge by the Flesh, an always Judge what they see & hear from the Flesh.

Jesus said his Judgment came from His Heavenly Father, which made His Judgment Righteous.

So What Defines Righteous Judgment to God’s Stance:

  1. He Doesn’t look at your Outer Appearance, you might be good looking, rich, have it all, but your spiritual life & Intimacy with God isnt there.
  2. He Sees both Positive & Negative of all our situations, But his intentions for us are for Good, because of his Love for us.
  3. He sees our heart transparently that not even Govt or Leaders can run away from Him.
  4. His Plans are greater than any mans, as he has a Predestined Plan.
  5. It Brings Glory To Him.
  6. He Shows Love to the Poor & Needy, to the Maimed, Lamed who would be seen as todays Disabled.

 One Blind man in John 9 was accused of being a Sinner, Jesus Healed him of His Blindness, whilst again, The Blind man was accused by Leaders of Law still accused him of being a Sinner, Jesus said this Mans Blindness was so God to be Glorified out of it, an He was Glorified, as it was also an embarrassment to the Leaders of Law to see a Blind Man Healed(showing they didn’t know how to move in Gods Manifest Power).

There is the Letter of the Law that killeth, which leaders of the Law Hold to closer than their own Family as they want Peopled Killed or Murdered by the Laws they have Established, But God’s Law is Spirit an is Also a Living Law, that also Gives Life. inc those who aren’t worthy of it.

Mans Wisdom & Knowledge is All Foolishness to God’s Wisdom & Power.

The Legacy of The Unrighteous:God’s Rebuke Of Wicked Leaders & Laws

In Isaiah 10:1-4 God Speaks to those Leaders that Decree an Write Unrighteous Decrees inc. Laws.

He Shows us in each verse of How the Leaders have acted Unrighteously to those God would Show Compassion On, instead the Leaders mistreat the Needy, an take away the rights of the Poor, He shows how they Prey Upon them like Predators, an even to Rob & Steal from them that have very real problems. inc. Disabilities.

God then Says what will you do in the Day of Visitation, an when in Desoloation, which shall come from a far place?

He then says to those Wicked Leaders, who will you flee to Help You? an where will it Leave your glory?

God continues Without Him they shall Bow Down under the Prisoners, an they shall fall under the Slain.

God then says for all of this is His Anger, which Isn’t Turned Away, an His Hand is Stretched Out still to those who are the Victims of the Wicked & Unrighteous Leaders who Decreed Unrighteous Laws to Spill the Blood of the Innocent.

Debt of Destruction:Which drown men in Destruction & Perdition 1 Tim 6:9

I’m sure you have heard of the Economic Meltdown around the World, of so many nations in Debt. Inc. Australia.

But what has bought such Big Debt to So many Nations?

The Answer is Greed, this greed is shown in Politics in Govt, The Greed is shown in the Dept of Justice, covering Lawyers, Police, Judges, All like an Organized Crime Group that carries a Badge an claim it serves you, when it only Serves Its Love for Money, this Greed is seen High & Low.

They say Money does strange things to people, this saying is so true in this day an age, an in the age to come.

So Money is able to Seduce & is a Seducer, When Politicians make Treasury Choices they choose areas they want to seduce with their money, Judges use the Seduction of Money in Alot of Judgments in courts, an also the use the seduction of money to people they charge  for offenses, but this action produces more debt, not lessen debt, so they make the greed of a Nation Greater as it devour the Hearts & Minds of Men, which drown men in Destruction & causes Perdition.

Todays Moral compass is Driven by Greed as it’s seen Majority in Govt Politics & the Dept of Justice through to even those of the Mafia.

Because of Greed, people are unable to Live Fulfilled Lives, High & Low, Rich & Poor, with Debt in their lives the Govt along with the Dept of Justice has Directly & Indirectly created Crime Sprees because they don’t know how to Stop Debt.

So what’s Jesus answer to This?

In Matt 6:12 Jesus showed we should Forgive Debt & Debtors, In this it shows by Forgiving Someones Debt, Society will make its Profit in 2 ways, 1:Spiritually, 2:Physically, which will bring Society & it’s Moral Compass back into Balance.

Here are some scriptures for you to read through in your bible.

1 Tim 4:1-2,6:3-10, 2 Tim 3:1-7,13, Prov 12:26, 1 John 2:26, Rev 2:20, Eze 22:12, Isaiah 56:11, Ps 17:12, Matt 6:12, 18:27, Prov 1:19,15:27, 21:26.

To Put someone in Debt is Criminal Intent especially if you know they are unable to pay the Debt amount Set for them.

Take Jesus advice an Forgive the Debt, which has caused not only Transgression, but greed that will never be satisfied in the Govt & Dept Of Justice all over the World.

With the Amount of Nations in Debt, Debt also shows many Nations that have Sinned & Transgressed against Not only the God of Israel, but also Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit Of God.

Where there is Debt, comes pain an suffering which will bring many Nations similar to those in the 3rd World, with much violence, the debt then Drives the Whole Nation into Ungodliness & Lawlessness which is Already Evident in Govt & The Dept Of Justice today, as they Scorn God in their Pride.

Debt is as Bad as Both a Drug & Porn Addiction rolled into one, and it is a Form of Terrorism, as Debt is used to Terrorise the Public an Enforced by the Govt & The Dept of Justice.

Resistance is Futile:Hostility to Those Heavenly Bound.

Scripture speaks that the Kingdom of Heaven suffereth Violence,  so those connected to the Kingdom of God, also suffer this Violence an Hostility By the Devil & his Kingdom.

The Devil’s Hostility attacks us, where it hurts us the Most.

Just as God knows our Weaknesses, He also Knows our Strength.

As Mankind, we are all weak in our Flesh, we all suffer weaknesses, don’t often know how to walk in our Strengths.

Weakness can be found in All Areas, High & Low, Rich & Poor.

So what are examples of weakness, all of these are able to be treated.

Addictions are a weakness, it doesn’t matter what the addiction is, it can disable a persons ability an lose focus of things around them.

To Lose Focus is also a loss of direction, an leads us astray from our original path, by loss of focus, we also ignore the signs that are in front of us, which takes us into The Devil’s Hostile Grounds, where he has laid down Traps for us to fall into, An the Devil/Satan himself doesn’t care Who or What he uses, He is able to even use Earthly Authorities to target the Destruction of the Body.

Scripture says Fear Not, who can destroy the Body, but fear him who can destroy both Body & Soul.

Now Fear is a Neutral word, meaning it can be used for Good, by God & can be used for Evil, by the Devil/Satan.

When God uses Fear, He is also able to instill fear in the heart of the Children of Darkness, those who Represent Satan.

Those who are Anti-Christ, Anti-God, Anti-Israel, tremble & fear it, it can occur on many levels.

  1. Is Spiritually
  2. Physically
  3. Mentally
  4. Sub Conscience

 Those who are in Christ, in the Kingdom of God, the Devil/Satan uses his Fear on the Same levels as above, we also see the Negative used.

  1. Satan Manipulates us
  2. He lies to us about certain feelings.
  3. He steals from us our Innocence.
  4. He violates us in Mind, Body & Soul.
  5. He then turns this fear on God’s Creation to Destroy it.
  6. He Ends it with Death.

Scripture says The Devil/Satan was a Murderer from the Beginning of All time.

Jesus says that he comes to give us Life & Life in Abundance.

By Jesus showing us, there is Power in giving Someone Life to Live,It is the Most Dangerous Thing the Devil/Satan Fears.

For in Christ is also the Key to Eternal Life, Spiritually & Physically.

Jesus also says He is The Resurrection & The Life, another thing which the Devil & his minions, not only Spiritually, but those who are his on earth also fear.

Like many who ask what is the Meaning of Life?

The Better question to ask is What is the Source of Life?

That source is God, Jesus Christ & the Holy Spirit.

Without this source, we don’t exist.

No man on Earth is Able to Frame The Human Body from dust to bone, to flesh, with a Living Soul & Spirit, Which Sparks us to Life.

They will Keep trying, but keep failing because Mankind is trying to Replace God, so they can hold no Accountability to Him, with what corruption they move to Next.

So if you to make an put the Devil in Fear, Give Life, So they can Live it in Abundance, Show them Life, Show them how to Live, without the Prison of Death which the Devil wants all to Fall into.

There are Many Captives in this World to the Devil’s Devices, Set Them Free, with what Jesus Christ Gives:

Life, an In Abundance..


The Law Of The Land Verses Jesus Christ

The Pharisees & Sadducee’s in the Time of Christ were both apart of the Sanhedrin which Established the Law Of The Land, whilst bringing in Laws not Lining Up with God’s Word.

Today we see the same Problems with the Laws of the Land today as in the time Christ was dealing with those of the Law in this Day.

Those of the Law of the Land were quick to Judge in Jesus Christ’s time, doing all they could to usurp themselves over God’s Authority, inc. God’s Authority through Christ.

So like those of the Law of the Land today, they tried to Trap Christ so they could consider themselves as The Superiors.

They Showed No Compassion to those who had Broken the Law, Where the Letter Killeth, but the Spirit Gives Life.

An they shall say all manner of evil against you falsely:Matt 5;11

In Matt 5:11 is says “Blessed are you, when Men Shall Revile You, an Persecute You, an shall say all Manner of Evil against You Falsely, for My Sake”, this is also repeated in Luke 6:22

Well these Words Hold True through a situation right now.

Persecuted, Reviled, an all manner of evil spoken against myself falsely, where even my faith was Mocked.

It is evident the Devil through Todays System is so quick to Protect himself of actions deemed Illegal to the Public, but he is able to distribute it to the Public, an even reproduce it an get away with his evil done to the Public without Judgement.

The Devils aim to criminalize all Christians, an he doesn’t care if you have a disability or not, because he will also target them even via Pornography to Destroy Them an their character, even via Porn Addictions.

I say this because I have been targeted already.

I have lost all Faith in the Govt & Leaders under them who also work in the D.O.J.

The Only Thing Keeping me Strong is My Faith in God, Jesus Christ & The Power Of The Holy Spirit.

No Doubt in Time they will Attempt more evil to speak falsely of me.


Born Broken into a Broken & Imperfect World.

The Only one who can Restore this Broken  & Imperfect World is Christ Jesus.

So here are some Books I Recommend:

1:The Holy Bible.

2:60 things God says about Sex by Lester Sumrall.

3:7 Steps to Recruit Proof Your Child by Scott Lively.

4:The Criminalization of Christianity by Janet Folger.

5:The Homosexual Agenda by Alan Sears & Craig Osten.

6:The Pink Swastika:Homosexuality In the Nazi Party by Lively & Abrams.

These Books are Worth the Information, as it also helps in Personal Research, deemed unorthodox by the Dept Of Justice(D.O.J)

I have also studied Islam inc. The Filth of their prophet Mohammad, It saddens me the things Mohammad did, but those who are Christians & Jews who have studied the filth of Islam will understand what I mean.

The Devil/Satan is very real, even though he is a created spiritual being, his kingdom of Darkness is very real.

In Future Posts I will post info from the above books, an also work on some new Posts.

The Criminalizing of Christians has already begun here in Australia, an God only knows what Trumped up Charges will be bought upon Christians here to help the Devils Agenda Via Islam & the GLBTI Aligned Agenda in Both Politics & the D.O.J.


A Burden Heavy

A Burden Heavy, Hard to Name, Of a Life Filled with Pain. Scars.

Scars on the Inside, Scars on the Outside, As one is Struck again & again.

Words like Knives that stab you in the back, As they make promises only to Protect their own back.

They act like I can’t see them, Yet I know they are there, To Terrorize Me, when my Guard is dropped.

They are nothing more than Puppets on a String, they claim to fight for Freedom, as they can’t hear Freedoms Ring.

They are bound by Iniquity, an Iniquity is what they gain, It seeps in there soul, an Smells

Smells of the Pain they have caused on Others, Smells of Rotting Flesh, in the area of there Brain.

The Stench rises into Heavens abode, as He Weeps for the Innocent, which man treats as a Toad.

With the Innocent Blood, these men have shed, The One in Heavens Abode has things to be said.

His Words Pure & Tried, Acts on the Innocent who have cried, As disaster strikes the Heart of the Wicked.

They call on there gods, but none hear them, as they have become like dumb idols, an that none should rear them.

The secret sins of the Wicked, All found out, of those they tried to hide.

These People in Power, The True Jekyll & Hyde, like Dr Frankenstein & His Monster, but we know in the story the True Monster was Dr Frankenstein.

Heavens abode, Tried & True, with His Heart he seeks for you.

With Him who Rules Heaven, the people in power are nothing great, as they whither like Grass on a Hot Plate.