A Burden Heavy

A Burden Heavy, Hard to Name, Of a Life Filled with Pain. Scars.

Scars on the Inside, Scars on the Outside, As one is Struck again & again.

Words like Knives that stab you in the back, As they make promises only to Protect their own back.

They act like I can’t see them, Yet I know they are there, To Terrorize Me, when my Guard is dropped.

They are nothing more than Puppets on a String, they claim to fight for Freedom, as they can’t hear Freedoms Ring.

They are bound by Iniquity, an Iniquity is what they gain, It seeps in there soul, an Smells

Smells of the Pain they have caused on Others, Smells of Rotting Flesh, in the area of there Brain.

The Stench rises into Heavens abode, as He Weeps for the Innocent, which man treats as a Toad.

With the Innocent Blood, these men have shed, The One in Heavens Abode has things to be said.

His Words Pure & Tried, Acts on the Innocent who have cried, As disaster strikes the Heart of the Wicked.

They call on there gods, but none hear them, as they have become like dumb idols, an that none should rear them.

The secret sins of the Wicked, All found out, of those they tried to hide.

These People in Power, The True Jekyll & Hyde, like Dr Frankenstein & His Monster, but we know in the story the True Monster was Dr Frankenstein.

Heavens abode, Tried & True, with His Heart he seeks for you.

With Him who Rules Heaven, the people in power are nothing great, as they whither like Grass on a Hot Plate.


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