Addictions: The Top 5 Govt & Dept Of Justice Addictions

Addictions of the Govt & Dept Of Justice, of course they will deny they do have addictions, but its very Evident they do have them.

So what are the Top 5 Addictions for the Govt & Dept Of Justice.

There are many addictions to choose from.

For the Govt the Top 5 Addictions:

  1. Greed-Anything Money Oriented
  2. Hypocrisy- Say One Thing, do Another, technically lying, yes its an addiction.
  3. Selfishness-The Super Sized ME ME ME Syndrome.
  4. Media Attention-Anything to Glorify themselves.
  5. Breaking Promises.

For the Dept Of Justice Top 5 Addictions:

  1. Stealing- Public Theft, done in Plain Sight, whilst they Hide it behind there Laws.
  2. Killing-Defamation of the Innocent.
  3. Destroying- Intentional Murder.
  4. Pornography- Using Lust & Seduction to target the Innocent, an is rampant like a Dog with Rabies.
  5. Pride-That by their own Merit it makes them Acceptable in the Sight Of God, who can see all Their Wickedness done to the Innocent for their Lust for Power.

 Can you think of any Top 5 Addictions for the Govt or Dept of Justice?

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