Debt of Destruction:Which drown men in Destruction & Perdition 1 Tim 6:9

I’m sure you have heard of the Economic Meltdown around the World, of so many nations in Debt. Inc. Australia.

But what has bought such Big Debt to So many Nations?

The Answer is Greed, this greed is shown in Politics in Govt, The Greed is shown in the Dept of Justice, covering Lawyers, Police, Judges, All like an Organized Crime Group that carries a Badge an claim it serves you, when it only Serves Its Love for Money, this Greed is seen High & Low.

They say Money does strange things to people, this saying is so true in this day an age, an in the age to come.

So Money is able to Seduce & is a Seducer, When Politicians make Treasury Choices they choose areas they want to seduce with their money, Judges use the Seduction of Money in Alot of Judgments in courts, an also the use the seduction of money to people they charge  for offenses, but this action produces more debt, not lessen debt, so they make the greed of a Nation Greater as it devour the Hearts & Minds of Men, which drown men in Destruction & causes Perdition.

Todays Moral compass is Driven by Greed as it’s seen Majority in Govt Politics & the Dept of Justice through to even those of the Mafia.

Because of Greed, people are unable to Live Fulfilled Lives, High & Low, Rich & Poor, with Debt in their lives the Govt along with the Dept of Justice has Directly & Indirectly created Crime Sprees because they don’t know how to Stop Debt.

So what’s Jesus answer to This?

In Matt 6:12 Jesus showed we should Forgive Debt & Debtors, In this it shows by Forgiving Someones Debt, Society will make its Profit in 2 ways, 1:Spiritually, 2:Physically, which will bring Society & it’s Moral Compass back into Balance.

Here are some scriptures for you to read through in your bible.

1 Tim 4:1-2,6:3-10, 2 Tim 3:1-7,13, Prov 12:26, 1 John 2:26, Rev 2:20, Eze 22:12, Isaiah 56:11, Ps 17:12, Matt 6:12, 18:27, Prov 1:19,15:27, 21:26.

To Put someone in Debt is Criminal Intent especially if you know they are unable to pay the Debt amount Set for them.

Take Jesus advice an Forgive the Debt, which has caused not only Transgression, but greed that will never be satisfied in the Govt & Dept Of Justice all over the World.

With the Amount of Nations in Debt, Debt also shows many Nations that have Sinned & Transgressed against Not only the God of Israel, but also Jesus Christ & The Holy Spirit Of God.

Where there is Debt, comes pain an suffering which will bring many Nations similar to those in the 3rd World, with much violence, the debt then Drives the Whole Nation into Ungodliness & Lawlessness which is Already Evident in Govt & The Dept Of Justice today, as they Scorn God in their Pride.

Debt is as Bad as Both a Drug & Porn Addiction rolled into one, and it is a Form of Terrorism, as Debt is used to Terrorise the Public an Enforced by the Govt & The Dept of Justice.

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