Exploitation Of The Disabled

Over The World, inc. Australia we often talk of the Exploitation of Children, but what about the Exploitation of the Disabled, they too amongst all the known forms of Disabilities, we too are also exploited.

Yet, there is no one crying for us, whilst our voice is Silenced Out by other Voices.

Save The Children, Save The Gays, or Lesbians or whoever else is bought up.

But Once again The Disabled are Thrown out for Last.

We too get exploited, exploited by the Law, which feels happy to say & Discriminate us an say:

  • The Disabled Cant be Politicians,
  • The Disabled Can’t Be Police.
  • The Disabled Can’t Be in the Army or Defense Force.
  • The Disabled Can’t Work in the Dept Of Justice.

Yet these Laws create More Problems, than Create More Jobs.

So as the Disabled are Thrown out to the Side, treated like crap, which we are.

We are then Despised on a Grand Scale, inc. World Wide.

So Hence Our World before us is destroyed, because they have been Destroyed by the Worlds Destructive Patterns before us.

I’d love to see a Politician with a Disability, or even someone in the Dept Of Justice with a Disability.

But no, the Dept of Justice sees fit to throw us in Jails, an help destroy our lives even more, including stealing our property which a majority are our Aides, like computers, an other things.

It then makes you wonder, how many suicides there are amongst the disabled community, inc. those accused of crimes, having their Life completely cut off, an being unable to live a full happy healthy life, inc. to have a family if they choose to.


With our corrupt leaders here in Australia, they are Blinded by their lust for money & power.

They only seek to please there Pocket full of Money, at the expense of even murdering the disabled in more ways than one.

I’d also love to see even Doctors with Disabilities.

Yet we get thrown aside, as no one will speak up for us, we are Silenced.

They have no Problem throwing the Disabled into factory fodder, but we have interests of our own which could even help those around us.

I’d even love to see Judges with Disabilities inc. Intellectual Disabilities.

But at the Moment, It seems that the Disabled need Protection from the Law as a Whole, in order to achieve such Positions, an be seen that we can even be assets to areas, that the public sometimes can’t see.

Next time you think to some of famous inventors, find out any areas where they were disabled, or showed sign of a disability we know of today.

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