Forgiveness for Offenders by Lester Sumrall.

While we are thinking about Jesus’ teachings on Sex, we should take special note of the way he forgave Sex Offenders. He shows us once again that God is ready to welcome back anyone who repents of sin- even a Sexual Sin.

When Jesus traveled through the region of Samaria, he stopped at a well to get a drink. A woman came to dip her jar in the well, an Jesus struck up a conversation with her. This was highly unusual because Jews had a deep resentment of the Samaritans, who were a mixed breed, half-jew an half-gentile. But Jesus was so interested in this woman’s soul that he didn’t let racial differences stand in the way. He talked to her. And after discussing theology for a few minutes, Jesus said “Go call your husband, an come here” John 4:16.

The woman must have smiled as she said “I have no husband” “You have well said, “I have no husband”’” Jesus replied for you have had 5 husbands, an the 1 whom you have now is not your husband; in that you spoke truly vs18.

Notice that Jesus didn’t condemn her for her sin. He didn’t shame her for what she had done. But he did confront her with the truth; he told her point blank that her sex life needed to be Straightened out. He let her know that he was well aware of her promiscuous life, an he wanted her to come clean before God.

Earlier I mentioned the incident in which a woman anointed Jesus’ feet with tears(Luke 7:36-50). The bible simply says that she was a woman in the city who was a sinner in vs 37. The Bib;e commentator Charles L. Childers says “Such an expression as this in the N.T terminology, means a prostitute” Dr Childers interpretation seems confirmed by the way the Pharisees reacted to this woman.They said”This man if He were a Prophet, would have known who & what manner of woman this is who is touching him, for she is a sinner” vs 39.

The Pharisees were careful students of the Law. They didn’t want to defile themselves by touching anyone who had violated God’s Commandments. So they would have nothing to do with the woman. But Observe Jesus’ Attitude. He watched her kneel at His Feet & weep unashamedly in front of all the men; then she let her long hair down, an used it to wipe his feet with her tears. Jesus had compassion on her, He could see through her sin of Prostitution & discern her needs of her heart. So he Said “Your Sins are Forgiven…Your faith has saved you, go in peace” verses 48 & 50. The master expositor Matthew Henry writes:

Let who will object, Christ will bid the penitent that applies to him to depart in peace, partaking of salvation through faith in His Name. But may we not with shame confess, that while we hope our offenses are freely pardoned, we love but little?….Instead of grudging greater sinners the mercy they find with Christ upon their repentance, we should be stirred up by their example to examine ourselves, whether we are indeed forgiven, and do love Christ.

This is God’s grace as work. By no means do we see Jesus treat sexual offenses in a casual half hearted way.(Personal note:but we do see this half hardheartedness in todays courts).He takes sin seriously, but he also takes repentance seriously. Whenever a sex offender comes to Him & says “Lord, I am sorry for what I’ve done;”Jesus is ready to forgive.(P.N:Unlike todays courts & D.O.J), He is ready to forget the Offense of the Prostitute, the adulterer, the homosexual, or the person guilty of any other Sexual Offense(P.N:Unlike the Bitterness & Greeds of the courts today). Sexual Sins are very grave matters in God’s Sight; but He is just as willing to forgive the Sex Offender as He is to forgive the smallest of Sin of a Godly Person.

Christ can make something beautiful of your life. No matter what your sins have been- even if you have been sexually immoral in the Vilest way-Jesus stands ready to forgive you & cleanse you of your sin. He can wipe the evil deeds & evil thoughts out of your life forever, if you give him a chance.


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