Society has Murdered the Disabled & the Christians.

This article is slightly different than my Previous ones.

I chose this article because of Societies continuous mistreatment of The Disabled, an mistreatment of Christians to even Disabled Christians.

I look at the world around me, an both Christians & the Disabled are treated like Scum of The Earth as Society Reflects Nazi Germany.

Treated like inferior beings, I see this even moreso in the treatment of the Disabled to even Pensioners.

With Hollywoods portrayal from Religious to even Disabled, it only shows a half truth, but not the full truth.

As I look at my own Nation, yes we have things for the Disabled from all types of disablities.

For some reason we see No One Disabled in Politics, whether they be Politician to even M.P to even Gov General, It is Discrimination against the Disabled, Not only Directly but also Indirectly.

The Same is also seen in the Dept Of Justice, Whether as a Judge, Police Officer etc, Discrimination Both Directly & Indirectly.

As we are still treated like Inferior beings, an Shows Hitlers Nazism has Never Stopped an is Present in Australia, From Politics to Courts.

Yet they have no Problems in Politics to the courts to Charge the Disabled for Crimes, no matter how severe or minor your Disability.


They Treat us like we have Nothing to Offer back to the Community.

An All these Actions goes Against the U.N Protections of Disabled Persons an Violates All The Protections from 1st to last.

The Voice of the Disabled has been Silenced here in so many ways that I’d Personally feel safer in Israel.

Being both Christian & Disabled makes it even worse, because even my faith is also Protected under the U.N Protections of Disabled Persons.

Greed has Devoured the Politicians & The Courts here, Money Made off making People Miserable Disabled or Not, Christian or Not.

In Hosea it says “My People are destroyed by Lack of Knowledge”, the Devil want God’s Peopled destroyed by lack of knowledge.

It also saddens me that a nation wouldn’t stop the exploitation, degrading & stereotyping of the Disabled even via the Dept of Justice to Politics.

It seems to me that the Disabled need Full Protections from the Law Of The Land, no matter how severe or minor their disability is, to No Consequences of any law, Let God be their Judge when they Die. 

Anyone can be naive an easily lead astray. inc the disabled.

With so many violations against the Disabled, no doubt it will repeat itself against those who are Christians & Jews.

It will be hard to cry out, when your voice is silenced, as they are Silencing the Disabled & Christians here.

Remember what Edmund Burke said: The Only thing Necessary for Evil to Triumph, is for Good Men to Do Nothing.


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