The Hypocrisy Of The Law:Jesus response to those who are the Law of The Land.

In Matt 7:1-6 & Luke 6:37-45, Jesus shows us even those in Places of Leadership of any Nation or Country to Judge Not Lest You Be Judged for the Same Unrighteous Act, or Even Permit that act for yourself an not for others in the Law Of the Land.

 That would steer a course of Unrighteous Judgment by showing it’s Ok for someone of the Law Of The Land to do an act classed as Illegal for the People, but for themselves they made it Legal to do Illegal Activities.

I can bring up many examples on this even in this day an age of where Unrighteous Judgment Is Present.

Jesus taught the Majority of Judgment done in his day was People Judging by the Flesh, as what also happens today, All in Leadership Positions in Govt & Law, Judge by the Flesh, an always Judge what they see & hear from the Flesh.

Jesus said his Judgment came from His Heavenly Father, which made His Judgment Righteous.

So What Defines Righteous Judgment to God’s Stance:

  1. He Doesn’t look at your Outer Appearance, you might be good looking, rich, have it all, but your spiritual life & Intimacy with God isnt there.
  2. He Sees both Positive & Negative of all our situations, But his intentions for us are for Good, because of his Love for us.
  3. He sees our heart transparently that not even Govt or Leaders can run away from Him.
  4. His Plans are greater than any mans, as he has a Predestined Plan.
  5. It Brings Glory To Him.
  6. He Shows Love to the Poor & Needy, to the Maimed, Lamed who would be seen as todays Disabled.

 One Blind man in John 9 was accused of being a Sinner, Jesus Healed him of His Blindness, whilst again, The Blind man was accused by Leaders of Law still accused him of being a Sinner, Jesus said this Mans Blindness was so God to be Glorified out of it, an He was Glorified, as it was also an embarrassment to the Leaders of Law to see a Blind Man Healed(showing they didn’t know how to move in Gods Manifest Power).

There is the Letter of the Law that killeth, which leaders of the Law Hold to closer than their own Family as they want Peopled Killed or Murdered by the Laws they have Established, But God’s Law is Spirit an is Also a Living Law, that also Gives Life. inc those who aren’t worthy of it.

Mans Wisdom & Knowledge is All Foolishness to God’s Wisdom & Power.


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