Why Society is so Blinded?

We often wonder why society is so blinded to the things of a Spiritual Nature.

Yet So Open to condemn those who hold to Spiritual Beliefs.

The answer is simple, an not complicated.

It’s Pride.

Pride that says I have no need for a God, an that make ourselves better than God.

Yet everything we put our hands to, falls apart, like the world around us.

Mankind is a victim to SIN & Transgression of God’s Law.

Yet Whether it be Rich or Poor, High or Low in Authority Status, we all have Planks in our eyes, Just like Jesus Spoke of in the New Testament.

We think we can solve our problems by our own Merit.

But our Merit is Worthless as the clothes we wear.

So we seek to obtain Merit, always looking to be approved by public opinion, whether it be in Big or Small groups..

But all those Opinions are Worthless, worthless like a currency of No Value.

So we turn to the Material, thinking it will fill us, on the void, we have within. 

An as we gather more an more Material items, we still fail to fill the void.

So we try other things like Popularity, like the stars on the TV screen, who practically get away with all soughts of crimes.

But it also shows even in there popularity, they too are blinded looking to fill the void.

Even the so called Kings of the underworld, claim popularity by their reputation, even when working with the corrupt system of this world & authorities in it.

Then we see other needs that need to be met, an like Adam & Eve, we find our Leaves to cover ourselves up.

Once our leaves fail us, we run to whatever we can to cover ourselves up, an fail in finding fulfillment.

As much as this world chooses to Mock God, an His Children, The Society will fall deeper & deeper into God’s Wrath.

It is the Cause & Affect of Any Nation, that doesn’t uphold God’s Word, in both Old & New Testament, For even Jesus forgave Sex Offenders.

Society thinks by Cheating God, it will achieve Salvation.

In the End, the wicked end up devouring on each other.

So I’m sure your wondering what this has to do with the issue of being Blinded.

Because we seek for what we can’t do in our Own Power, seeing All Power Belongs to God through Jesus Christ an the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Without these things, Society Crumbles an falls just like the Tower of Babel, an Empires that came after them.

Wherever Israel was, Gods Power was, Shown in Signs of Power, Like the Pillar of Fire by Night, an the Cloud by Day, from the Plagues that went through Egypt, an armies that Threatened Israel, Destroyed. 

Just as Armies can be Destroyed by Gods Power.

So can our Carnal Urges be Destroyed by Gods Power, as I have seen Gods Power Intervene in An Addiction Problem to Porn, which I’m not Proud of, in any way, shape or form, I’ve done things I’m Ashamed Of.

But I’m thankful that Jesus Christ is the Answer to any Addiction, no matter how severe it is.

But the World doesn’t want Jesus Christ, it would rather choose Pornography,Drugs, Approval from Others, anything to get a fix for a temporary feel good feeling in all areas, High or Low, Rich & Poor, Religious or Not.

I admit I have let the things of this World Deceive me, but I’m thankful that I can go to the Father of All Creation, an Jesus Christ the Atonement for my Sins Past, Present & Future.


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    […] Informations on that Topic: voiceofaustralians.wordpress.com/2013/06/26/why-society-is-so-blinded/ […]

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