Suicide figures soar for Sweden’s disabled youth

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It’s getting Pretty Obvious, If the Disabled can see the Tyrants & Tyranny Overseas, of things looking to another Regime of Hitlers Rising up against the Disabled, including Disabled Youth, It can also be seen in Australia.

Yet we are & will continued to be Treated as The Inferior Bunch, for the Too Hard Basket, whilst the Govt & Dept Of Justice makes Money Off Our Misery, increasing the National Debt Higher & Higher Each Day.


Teen suicide: ‘We’re not going to sit in silence’

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Teen suicide: ‘We’re not going to sit in silence’

I came across this article of a Teen with a Disability, that took his own life, there are also others recorded in this Article.

But it seems to me, an others with Disabilities, similar to myself, have seen how our Own Govt & Dept Of Justice, don’t give a crap about us, so we can live Happy & Healthy Lives, Instead, they destroy our Lives, an Destroy us Bodily as well.

I Know that place of when growing up with a disability, an when things around you, break, whether it be something family related or something else.

It’s not an Easy place to be, an never is.

It’s why Integration Aides, play such an important role, no matter how old your are, to have them.

They help us the Disabled, Learn to cope, an they are also like a Parent to us.

Being Born with a Disability, is like being Born Broken, like a Broken Potters Vessel.

Even with a Disability, Broken as we are, It can take a while, till we work out, what part of the Broken Clay, from the Broken Vessel, goes in which spot, as we also Try to Put our Lives Together.


Bullying and Youth Suicide: Breaking the Connection

Bullying and Youth Suicide: Breaking the Connection

This is where Bullying Starts, as you get older, it changes its name, to something of Higher Authority.

The Bullies of Today are Our Govt & Dept Of Justice.

When one has encountered bullies when growing up, you never forget the scars it has left you.

Then When Govt & Dept Of Justice Bullies(Tyrants) come in, they make things worse once again, opening Old Wounds, an doing more Harm & than good.

These Bullies Lust for Power, an they get Orgasms off it, it is there Sexual Turn On, like the Actor of Criminal Minds series says.

An we have these Bullies/Tyrants today in the Dept Of Justice & Govt.

They Enjoy Getting Off, making you Miserable, an putting the Public in Miserable Positions, whilst they too can get away with Breaking the Law, Through Legal Means, an then accuse the Public Of Breaking it Illegally.

Why do non-disabled people get suicide prevention, while disabled people get suicide assistance?

Why do non-disabled people get suicide prevention, while disabled people get suicide assistance?

I think its pretty Obvious why the Disabled are Easy Pickings for the Govt & Dept Of Justice, to remove Life from Our Bodies.

The Tyrants want us removed, which still consider to see us as Inferior, an don’t give a crap about us.

It’s why Us, The Disabled, Need Full Protection from the Law, seeing the Dept Of Justice find it OK to Break the Laws, they have created only to Target the Disabled, to Slaughter Us, like Sheep.