Festival for disabled people in Israel

Why I love Israel more & more over Australia.

There Love for the Disabled Exceeds that of Australia’s.

Plus you don’t hear of any of their disabled accused of crimes, as they are also Protected by the Best, The IDF.

Australia could learn alot from Israel.

But we have Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice, who exploit the disabled for Monetary Gain, to even accusing them of Crimes of there own creation.

Savage Garden – Break Me Shake Me

I remember when this song came out in my teens, an its words are just as powerful today as they were then.

The Tyrants seek to Break Us & Shake Us.

They act Strong, but they are expendable, just as they treat us as expendable.

As I wonder, if things get so hostile in this country, they will be called out by the Tyrants in High Places, who will most likely order the execution of their own families, whilst there ordered to execute someone elses family.

As much as I wouldn’t like to see something like that Happen, I’m afraid I cannot control the Future.

Enough is enough. Disabled people are driven to suicide because of the Government’s welfare reform

Enough is enough. Disabled people are driven to suicide because of the Government’s welfare reform

This report from the UK, shows even the Disabled overseas, can see how The Govt & Dept Of Justice are Acting like Hitlers Death Squads against the Disabled.

Seeing The Govt & Dept Of Justice together, Demonizing, Discriminating, an Violating all rights of Disabled Persons, the Govt & Dept Of Justice, have become Tyrants with only Love for Making Money off making people Miserable.

An the Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice gets even orgasms off the Disabled committing Suicide.

Seeing the Tyrants can get away with Murder & Crimes, both Directly & Indirectly.

DisabilityCare Australia – National TV Campaign

As good as this Advert Looks of what Julia Gillard bought in, it makes me wonder, if this is really a campaign with Hidden Intentions of Death Care of the Disabled.

It presents itself nicely, but being disabled myself, one can only be cautious.

I’d rather the Disabled to be Protected & Have Immunity from the Law, as I have noticed recently on the News here, that the Dept Of Justice exploiting a Man with a Disability, Accusing Him Of Murder.

Again, Murder is a Crime, by which even The Dept Of Justice here in Australia can get away with here, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was an undercover officer that murdered the woman, an planted the evidence on the Disabled man.

Jake Bugg – Broken

I have read the Lyrics of this song, an yes, I am broken, an was Born Broken, an in the Process of Breaking even more, by the Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice.

I’m no Julian Assange, but I can also understand his view against the Tyrants in this Nation of Australia, with them covering up there own Crimes on the Public, an will continue to do so, because Tyrants Love POWER.

Michael Jackson – They Don’t Care About Us (Official Prison Version)

Even though I’m no Big Fan Of Michael Jackson, He did bring out some Brilliant Music in the time he Lived.

This Song, Is True to the Point, that The Tyrants In Govt & Dept Of Justice, Don’t Care About Us.

Who is Us:

  • The Poor.
  • The Disabled.
  • The Elderly.

These Tyrants would rather get there Jollies Off Making the Poor, The Disabled & even the Elderly Pay for their Crimes of there Own Creation, which we had no choice or part of.

The Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice use all 3, to make Money Off Us, an it’s the Biggest Extortion Racket there is, along with the Blackmail of all 3 groups.

These things still happen today, even in Australia.

I know daily if you look up World National Debt Clock & even Australias National Debt Clock, these Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice, just don’t seem to learn from there Own Mistakes, an then Pin those Mistakes on Others for there screw ups, thinking it will make the Big Debt & Problem go away.

The Truth is, it won’t, not unless Godly Principles are bought back in, an the Disabled, Poor & Elderly have full Protections of these Ungodly Laws, by which the Ungodly are getting away with Murder.

Justin Bieber:Never Say Never

This is one of my Favorite Justine Bieber Songs, followed by his song Pray.

It’s a song that speaks volumes to me, especially when growing up with a Disability in a world of Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice.

Even though the Song itself used along with the Karate Kid movie, with Jaden Smith & Jackie Chan.

The Character of Jaden Smith is Bullied at his new home in China, with Jackie Chan intervening & helping Jaden, just like what was seen in the Original Karate Kid, with Pat Moriata, He becomes a Mentor to Jaden, helping him to overcome his Adversaries in the Martial Arts Tournament, an Gains respect.

It shows that with the Right Help, by your side, you can get far, an not only is the Help helping you, but you also help them in areas they have trouble dealing with.

If only the Tyrants of Today, could see the Advantage of taking on Someone with a Disability in Govt & Dept Of Justice, think of what great differences & help it would bring to Society, instead of Treating the Disabled like a Disease & Inferior to the rest of Humanity & arrested of Crimes of the Hitlerist Tyrants of Todays creations.

Pray (Justin Bieber song)

Pray (Justin Bieber song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Aleh – Caring for Israel’s Disabled… Together

I did this Post, to show How Israel cares more for the Disabled, than what Australian Tyrants do in our Govt & Dept Of Justice.

Disabled warn of rise in suicide rates

Disabled warn of rise in suicide rates

I Think its Pretty Evident, why the Disabled would warn of such action.

To Many Hitlers In Govt & The Dept Of Justice, who still continue to treat the Disabled as Inferior, as we have Tyrants in Power.

To many cold & heartless people in Politics, who use The Disabled for VOTES, an to gain Votes.

To Many Cold & Heartless in the Dept Of Justice, because all we are to them is Prison Fodder, where they should be the Prison Fodder, because it was them who didn’t Protect Us, under Hitler in WW2, it was them who still don’t Protect us in this day an age, an arrest us for crimes, not of our own creation, but their creation.


Where suicidal feelings come from for disabled people

Where suicidal feelings come from for disabled people

was just looking for articles on this topic, an I have grown up with a disability all my life.
Too me, its like our Govt & Dept Of Justice, have turned all Hitler on us Disabled, scapegoating us for Crimes of there Creation.
When in reality, they are the Monster, the true Dr Jekyll & Hyde.