The Problem is …

The Problem is with Bullies these days, Is once you leave the Schoolyard, They take up Bigger Names & Bigger Titles.
They become our Politicians, Dept Of Justice, Dept Of Defense, they no longer Protect You, But Protect Themselves.

They never had to experience what happened to the Victims in this Day & Days Past.
They never had to experience how those with Disabilities were Discriminated Against.
They never had to experience the Help they needed through tough times.
They never felt like being treated like a Piece of Meat, By the System that claimed to Protect Us, an did the complete opposite.

Our Pain is Real, Our Feelings are Real, an we aren’t your Guinea Pigs or Lambs to be Slaughtered, Just like Hitler did to Us with his Nazism, an those even before Hitler, that continue to Treat the Disabled, like a Curse on Societies Woes.
Then Scapegoated for things they have created, Exploited, Degraded, Our Voices Silenced.

From Never Again: Protect Us Now


We are a Stolen Generation on our Own, Our Lives have been Stolen from us.

Stolen by those of that which the corrupt Govt says we should Trust, whilst the Dept Of Justice Abuse Us.

Stolen of our Dignity, Stolen of our Lives, Stolen from our Families, Whilst they Spread There Lies of Us.

Stolen by those the Accursed, Whilst they will shoot you down, verse by corrupt verse of their Laws of Iniquity.

Stolen by those who Violate our Souls, our minds & hearts.

Stolen not only of our Physical things that which belong to us, Stolen of Spiritual things which also uphold us.

Stolen of our Innocence, they continue to mistreat us, Stolen by those who are The COLD & HEARTLESS.

Stolen & taken like a Sacrifice bought to a Pagan Alter, our Blood Shed to Please the Idol of Money, Greed, Lust & Power.

Stolen, unable to be Set Free, by these Workers of Iniquity, there Lawless Laws, that look after themselves, but not look after others.

Stolen by the Selfishness, of Selfish Men, that wear fancy clothes, with fake Piousness.

Stolen by those who will Stab you in the Back, Stolen by those Who Enjoy there FAT.

Dr Death

When Growing Up, even with my Disability, I have never really Liked or Trust Doctors.

To Me, they are Dr. Death, especially when looking back in History, to even When Hitler used His Doctors, to Murder The Innocent people, like the Jews & Disabled in Shoah.

Even now I still don’t trust them of the things they can even get away with these days, as they work alongside with the Govt & Dept Of Justice.

It is an Oligarchy of Evil all together, as all 3 areas have lost my Trust.


I would happily choose more natural methods, of the things that God have given to Mankind, instead of Drugs, even prescribed from your Hannibal The Cannibal Psychiatrists.

Scientists are Practically Doctors as well, an they too lose my Trust, especially in the area of Medications.

We have too many Dr Deaths, Playing God, but Wont Let God, Be God, an Move in His Power.

These Dr Deaths are Our Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical.

All Mock God, yet I do understand in some cases for some people medicine is needed, but by taking that Medicine, that Doctor has already Broken his Hippocratic Oath.

The Disabled are Treated Like Guinea Pigs for Drugs to be Tested on, then Lambs to be Slaughtered, when Charged for Crimes, not of there own Creation, but of Dr Deaths Creation of the Area of Govt & Dept Of Justice.

SLAA in Australia

SLAA in Australia

Police Suicide:Corruption Behind the Blue Part 2

Six Turkish policemen commit suicide during Gezi protests, union head says

Moving into Part 2 on Police Suicide: Corruption Behind The Blue, here is another Article which is linked to Turkish Police Officers committing suicide.

This corruption stems deeper than the Police, as there are also suicides of Lawyers & Judges as well, which shows this corruption is quite high up, an would even Affect the Highest Courts, even in Australia.

I already know the Answer of why the Suicides are Happening, it wouldn’t take much for those who can see the corruption around us, by Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice that scapegoat the public, even the Poor & Disabled of Crimes of there creation, the creation of the Govt & Dept Of Justice.

Brothelly Love:The Dept Of Justices Juliet

Louis and the Brothel

Louis and the Brothel (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Family members caught in brothel bust

Illegal brothel bust in CBD

Suicide judge’s secret sex life is revealed – World – News – The Independent

Well this week there was a report of an Illegal Brothel Raid, with news later on of 2 from the dept of justice linked to making money off those brothels.

What they have failed to tell you is that it isn’t only 2 involved, seeing they will work in Groups of 6, which still leave 4 more connected to the Illegal Brothel industry.

6 being an even number, an will make it easier to spread abroad throughout Australia, with other members of the Dept Of Justice involved, including Officers, Judges, High Court Judges, an it will be spread out like a Web.

Where those 6, will also start another 6, an the cycle  continues.

There will be no doubt connections to others within the Dept Of Justice, that will be making money off these Brothels.

These Brothels as well also would involve Sex Crimes with Children, by which the corrupt in the Dept Of Justice also would’ve been involved in, an will most likely be let off with a light sentence, to go back out, an start working on making more money off these Brothels.

The Dept Of Justice, plays Romeo & The Illegal involved in this case is its Juliet, because of there Addiction to Sex, Porn & Tainted Love.

Also  in these brothels, the Dept Of Justice would also be able to easily make Child Porn films, sad but true, then they would be distributed back onto the Internet.

If I were to put a percentage of how many within the Dept Of Justice are involved in this, I’d say 2/3rds of them, whilst the other 3rd may not know of how deep this is.

Sexting Scandal:The Case to Incarcerate Your Kids

When Sexting Is Not Porn: Sexting v Child Pornography | Technology

Four teens arrested over sexting scandal at school in Melbourne’s west | Herald Sun

Teens Arrested for Sexting, next it will be Teens Arrested for Sex, Oh that already happens.

So I’m sure your wondering why the Dept Of Justice would want to Incarcerate or Jail your Kids, this once again comes back to Alfred Kinsey & the sick things he did with Children, with the Help Of the Dept Of Justice, Govt & Medical Staff of his day.

Incarceration is nothing more than a controlled enviroment, by which they can literally use your Children for Sex & Child Sex Films.

They know they can’t do it in a Public place, but in Jail, an where the Officers have Protections an can’t be arrested for the rape of your child, an where your child will have Zero Privacy.

It becomes a form of concentration & conditioning camp, so when your children return from this conditioning, they will be worse to what went in there.

Of course they will be preying upon the vulnerable as well, like those with disabilities, no matter how minor or major, also including not caring how old they are, to condition them.

Also with having Kids within Incarceration, with Live Feed Video Cameras, they would also be able to record the Officers of the Facility, having sex with your Child, an other controlled environments of them doing Kid on Kid Sex, which would then be taken by the Officers, who would then distribute this Controlled Child Porn & Place it onto the Net, also carrying a signature that it came from the Dept Of Justice.