Dept Of Justice:Manipulation in Disguise.

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Fabrication of Evidence, done by the Dept Of Justice, sickening but it’s true.

So lets look at Fabrication & even expand on it.

So here is an Example of Fabrication, Metal Fabrication.

For Metal to be Fabricated, it needs to be formed or transformed into a shape.

So that Metal needs to be Conditioned to that shape, by Conditioning, it requires Manipulation of Angles, or even burns to change it.

The Dept Of Justice can get away with such Mass Manipulation & Fabrication on a grand scale, by the Laws they are Protected, but those of the Public, can be Manipulated, Conditioned by those Behind the Law.

So how are they able to condition the public and get away with it, the key answer is Power, But even Power can be corrupted, by whoever holds it.

The Dept Of Justice, Legally Condition People to have Addictions to Child Porn, because they themselves can get away with Distributing, Reproducing Child Porn, with Real Victims.

They do this alongside with the Sex Industry, because yes, even the Dept Of Justice, have Sex & Porn Addictions, even with the Laws linked to Prostitution & Child Sex related Laws.

So another look at Fabrication, after seeing the Dept Of Justice can manipulate the Public to become something, it then needs to destroy it’s own evidence.

It’s target of Destruction, becomes You, because you are a Product of Their Fabrication, Manipulation & Conditioning.

By Destroying You, they Manipulate the Evidence, being YOU again, to be thrown into Jail or executed, that then becomes Destruction of Evidence, an Destruction of the Body Of Evidence, which Incriminates Them.

So which groups get targeted the Most on this Manipulation.

1.The Disabled, by which they have been Stereotyped by The Govt, Dept Of Justice & The Medical System.

2.The Poor, You ruin a person of their income, an you can mold them into anything you want.

3.The elderly, with age being against the elderly, they are easy pickings to murder both Directly & Indirectly.

4.The Children, Hitler found it much easier to target a child for his Manipulation of his system, than of those who resisted him as an adult, an they don’t care if the child is disabled.

600,000 Australians with disability in poverty | The Standard

English: A collection of pictograms. Three of ...


600,000 Australians with disability in poverty | The Standard


The Disabled in Poverty, all care of the Govt & Dept Of Justice.


Where there is Poverty, there is also Homeless & Crime.


Poverty coming via Australia’s National Debt.




Category:Lists of people with disabilities – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Category:Lists of people with disabilities – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Another list of people who have Disabilities, who are also famous.

Its a Pity, that the Govt, Dept Of Justice & even the Medical System, still stereotype the Disabled, even in this Day & Age.

CeDIR: Famous People with Disabilities

CeDIR: Famous People with Disabilities

Enjoy this link of Famous people who have Disabilities.

The suicide rate continues to soar; or, how our dysfunctional economy is literally killing us | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly

Hardcover Edition

Hardcover Edition (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Suicide rates map es

Suicide rates map es (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The suicide rate continues to soar; or, how our dysfunctional economy is literally killing us | Political Animal | The Washington Monthly

This report covers of yes, even the disabled in there older ages are committing suicide, I could understand that view, by the Treatment of Govt & Dept Of Justice are literally murdering the disabled, an It doesn’t have to be Murder in an action form, it can also be Murder in the form of Thoughts.

Of the Mistreatment of the Disabled by the Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice, I could even understand why the Disabled aren’t getting a Fair Go, with the corrupt leaders, who LOVE to make Monetary Gain off the disabled, whether they throwing them in Prison, isn’t helping the situation, in fact it makes it worse, then how the Leaders also exploit the Disabled, again for Monetary gain, throwing them in the Court System, which is Practically Extortion of Money they know they don’t have.

Because of this Lust for Money by the Tyrants in Govt & Dept Of Justice, they have Blood on their Hands & there Heads of the Disabled.

Just as God Judged the Idols of Egypt, he will also Judge the Idols of Govt & The Dept Of Justice, inc. The Medical System.

I Pray He exercises that Judgement Quickly not only in Australia, but all over the World of where the Disabled are being exploited by Such corrupt tyrants in Govt, Dept Of Justice & The Medical System.

Woman wins fight against ‘bully’ banks – Yahoo!7 – Yahoo!7 Personal Finance

Woman wins fight against ‘bully’ banks – Yahoo!7 – Yahoo!7 Personal Finance

It’s sad of how the Banks work alongside with the Govt & Dept Of Justice, an then literally exploit & abuse the Public, inc. the disabled, then how they work with the Medical System.

Well done to the woman who came against this Banking Tyrant, if only the People could target, not only the banks, but also the Govt, Dept Of Justice & the Medical System, like a Singularity.

An report the real criminals ruining peoples lives.

Disabled people’s lives will be ruined by sweeping cuts to services

The Govt & Dept Of Justice, just seem to be a pack of Tyrants that want to make miserable those with disabilities, as they practically spit in the face of the disabled, like biting the hand, that has given the world so much.
An then so quickly forgotten again.

Benefit tales

Assessing the cumulative impact of cuts to multiple disability services is the least the government could do for those affected

On Wednesday, politicians will meet in parliament to debate and vote on an issue their constituents have actually asked them to. This in itself might seem remarkable, but what is truly incredible is that it has taken them this long to agree to it.For years now, sickness and disability campaigners have argued that sweeping government cuts to every service and support they rely on is doing – and will continue to do – great harm. Perhaps if just one area was scaled back, we could cope, but when all are attacked at once, some of the most vulnerable people in our society are left feeling helpless and hopeless.Imagine for a moment that you rely on a carer coming to your home just to help you get out of bed. Without…

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