Disabled people’s lives will be ruined by sweeping cuts to services

The Govt & Dept Of Justice, just seem to be a pack of Tyrants that want to make miserable those with disabilities, as they practically spit in the face of the disabled, like biting the hand, that has given the world so much.
An then so quickly forgotten again.

Benefit tales

Assessing the cumulative impact of cuts to multiple disability services is the least the government could do for those affected

On Wednesday, politicians will meet in parliament to debate and vote on an issue their constituents have actually asked them to. This in itself might seem remarkable, but what is truly incredible is that it has taken them this long to agree to it.For years now, sickness and disability campaigners have argued that sweeping government cuts to every service and support they rely on is doing – and will continue to do – great harm. Perhaps if just one area was scaled back, we could cope, but when all are attacked at once, some of the most vulnerable people in our society are left feeling helpless and hopeless.Imagine for a moment that you rely on a carer coming to your home just to help you get out of bed. Without…

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