You can be a Lethal Weapon against Tyrants!!

Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System all apply to this quote.

Today we see Tyranny all over the World, many feel like they don’t know how to fight it, an others can easily give up.

Stop fearing Tyrants, make them fear us.

I’m here to say, You can be a Lethal Weapon against these Tyrants in Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System.

I have seen how the Occupy Movement work, with media covering them, an the Same with the Anonymous Movement.

Thing is, it takes more than just those movements, it takes YOU, to be a Power of Change, not just in Politics, or Dept Of Justice or even Medical System, YOU might not be in None of those Areas, or even in a different Area work wise, or have no work at all.

There are Methods, by Which YOU can be a Lethal Weapon, even in Standing Up for the Disabled or other groups.

With The Technology we have today, an with its changes coming in the Future, this Item & method can be used.

Well I’ll let 1 of my fave Disabled Heroes say it in this youtube clip.



The racial hysteria obsession as the modern day witch hunt …

So true its happening today in Australia, care of the Tyrants in Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System, they have destroyed our lives with their lies.

Anti Oligarch


By:  Danile Greenfield
The Romans had their arenas, Elizabethan England had bear baiting and Obama’s America has the trial. HLN has already shot past CNN with wall-to-wall coverage of the latest trial whose defendant is indistinguishable from a celebrity and whose coverage is barely distinguishable from that of the movie premiere.


But in between the usual criminal cases whose defendants seem like failed aspirants for the Big
Brother house or Survivor, reality TV stars who found fame with a butcher knife, are the politically edifying cases. The ones that aren’t just meant to humiliate and degrade the participants and the viewers, but to indoctrinate them as well.

It is into this category that the Zimmerman trial falls. It’s an involuntary case based on insufficient evidence

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