Ned Kelly:National Hero or Outlaw?

Ned Kelly

Ned Kelly (Photo credit: yewenyi)

Ned Kelly, a National Hero or Outlaw?

Ned Kelly's Colt

Ned Kelly’s Colt (Photo credit: State Library of Victoria Collections)

Firstly Who is Ned Kelly, Ned Kelly an His family lived in Australia, in a lovely place called Beechworth.

Well sure enough the Kelly Family had it’s share of Harassment from Local Authorities representing the Dept Of Justice.

Ned’s Mother also dealt with Harassment from the Local Authorities as well, no doubt, they were probably attempting to flirt with her, an she had no bar of it, being a married woman, hit an officer for his lewd behavior.

Well then the Authorities Harassed the family more throughout the years which eventually Led to Ned Kelly, having the Kelly Gang.

David Gaunson, lawyer defending Ned Kelly, ca....

David Gaunson, lawyer defending Ned Kelly, ca. 1880 / photographer J.W. Lindt (Photo credit: State Library of New South Wales collection)

With the Heat of the Situation Ned Kelly took up arms against the Harassing Authorities, seeing Local Govt, would do nothing about it, from their he took the fate of the Kelly Family into History, from a shootout between his gang & the corrupt authorities.

Lives were lost, traitors were killed, an then it eventually came to the capture of Ned Kelly & His Gang.

I’ve been to Beechworth myself, an have seen  some of the sights, an how even some of them were actually quite upsetting, such as the Prostitution of Minors that happened up their, sad but absolutely gut wrenching, in that time of history, for some it became their way of life, an only means to survive, which is also sad.

So after the capture of Ned Kelly & his gang, of course, the Court Proceedings happened, the Judge had no Just bone in his body, an the officers gave false statements to protect there false pride behind their badges.

Of course the Kelly Gang Lawyer, who stood in Defense for Kelly’s also informed the Judge as well as the Jury of the Harassment the Kelly’s received from the Authorities, an also showed their grounds of Self Defense.

Sure enough Ned Kelly & His Gang, were sentenced to Prison along with Death by Hanging.

No Doubt, Ned Kelly is a Hero, as No Man should have to suffer Tyranny from any Authority Figure, the thing is, it still happens today, and is Happening.

As those in the Area of Authority, seem to get Tall Poppy Syndrome, in Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System, thinking we need them as our Saviors.

The Truth is, those in Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System, can’t even save themselves let alone anyone in the Public Eye, as History Shows us, an History always seems to find a way of repeating itself, an the same crap happens again & again.

This is Why Jesus Christ is My Savior, He has the Power to Heal, Raise the Dead, Cast Out Devils, an is the Way for someones Personal Salvation.

Once Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System Learn they can’t even save themselves, let alone the Public, then we will start to go on the Path unto True Salvation.

Teach a Person, the Path Of Salvation, an their Life will Flourish, Teach a Person, The Path of Death, an their Life will Stink of Your Corruption.

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