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I guess it would be time for the Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System to start screaming Sieg Heil, with this behavior towards Protesters.
These Tyrants are a Disgrace to how their treating peoples freedom of speech


Burgeroff in Tecoma

Protesters in Tecoma Victoria Australia are being threatened to not publicize their protest on Facebook or twitter.

This media outlet is neither Facebook nor Twitter and completely ignores orders from the unconstitutional courts.

If you are not a chapter 3 court as described in the Australian constitution, shut up and stop wasting our valuable reading and protesting time.

Everyone get to Tecoma now to stop McDonalds evil empire.

If you can’t get to Tecoma protest outside a McDonalds Store and refuse to ever buy McDonalds ever again.

Buying McDonalds products is a vote for Censorship and Fascism.

Burgeroff in Tecoma

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2 Responses

  1. I agree it’s disgraceful, and unconstitutional court making an order which breaks the law.

    • and it happens to often, those who make the law, legally break the law, which also lines up with what Thomas Jefferson said on Tyranny & also lines up with how Jesus rebuked the Leaders of the Law

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