Murdered By The Dept Of Justice:Hate Crimes against the Disabled from those who hide behind the Law

English: Portrait of Dr. Edward Long Fox (1761...

English: Portrait of Dr. Edward Long Fox (1761 – 1835), the British pioneer of humane care for the mentally ill and founder of Brislington House (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Commemorative plate of mentally ill v...

English: Commemorative plate of mentally ill victims of German crimes in Fort VII in Poznań Polski: Tablica upamiętniająca chore psychicznie ofiary niemieckich zbrodni w Forcie VII w Poznaniu (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Handicapped(The Voices Of the Disabled Being Silenced, same thing Hitler did) (Photo credit: a77eBnY)

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Layout 1 – Scope_Hate_Crime_Report.pdf

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Treatment of Disabled People Throughout History – Changes in the Views of Disability

A Brief History of the Disability Rights Movement


With all these reports found of the Dept Of Justice Murdering the Disabled, an yes it’s happening in Australia as well.

An it just shows all the More reason, why the Disabled, need Full Protection from the Law, Immunity from it, no matter how minor or severe the Disability, plus it would also line up with God’s Biblical Protection of the Disabled.

As I was putting up each of these links, an being Disabled myself, it tore me up inside, of how The Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System treat the Disabled, sounds like they are need to be put into Mental Institutions for their Treatment of the Disabled, not the other way around.

Thing is on top of this, I have found other Articles of how even the Dept Of Justice are Treating the Disabled, care of an awesome website called Right Now, dealing with Human Rights in Australia, an they cover the Treatment of the Disabled here.

Chemical restraint of people with disabilities and elderly people | Human Rights in Australia | Right Now

Silent Witness: Supporting people with intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system (Part I) | Human Rights in Australia | Right Now

Silent Witness: Supporting people with intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system (part II) | Human Rights in Australia | Right Now

The Involuntary Detention of People with Intellectual Disabilities | Human Rights in Australia | Right Now

I would go as far as to charging any Disabled Person of any Crime, is a Hate Crime, as seen in the Mistreatment of the Disabled in the Past, only Shows how much the Dept Of Justice loves to Glorify Nazism by its act of Scapegoating the Disabled, Stereotyping the Disabled of things we aren’t.

This is as much as I can write in this Article, as once again, it’s tearing me up inside, of how the Disabled are still treated like scum here in Australia.

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  6. I am a 55 year old female currently in receipt of disability pension for slipped discs in my lower back, and degenerative disc disease which causes loss of motion, muscle weakness and nerve pain.
    I am in hiding and truly in fear for my life due to Albury police and court house officials who are seeking to cover up their illegal actions towards myself, which have spanned two years now, and are escalating in their fight to imprison and punish an innocent person at the tax payers expense.
    I have been assaulted by Albury Police twice, and both instances have occurred when I have been attempting to lodge an application with the Federal Court, seeking to have their false charges ruled to be invalid by an impartial court. After each assault on my person by NSW police, a new charge is bought against me of resist arrest.
    In October 2016, two constables held my arms while a Sargent pulled my scarf tight around my neck from behind, almost breaking my neck. One of the constables deliberately tried to break my wrists, which I believe was to stop me lodging complaints about the harassment they were inflicting onto me. I was charged for that and the Local Court still plans to convict me of it.
    I need to take these matters to the High Court of Australia as violations of my human rights by way of denials of my right to fair trials by the Albury Local Court. The last person who tried to do that was unfairly sentenced to four months in jail to impede his application.
    If I don’t attempt to do this, I will spend a lengthy time in jail for crimes which have been fabricated by NSW police, seeking to cover up for the actions of one fellow officer who had been enlisted to frame me for a crime by an employee of the NSW Attorney General’s department, to assist her personal friends to have civil ADVO orders granted.
    The NSW Attorney General appears to have no problem with an innocent person being jailed to cover up for corruption within his own department, nor does Troy Grant have any issues with unlawful police tactics, or the newly created LECC refusing to stop police corruption in real time and in its tracks.
    The NSW Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal which would have ended these matters in December 2017, and I am again being prevented from taking that appeal to the next level by deliberate attempts to incarcerate me by the same corrupt police involved.
    In January 2018 Albury police broke into a window of my home and dragged me out of it by one arm. They threatened to drop me on my face on the concrete if I struggled once they gained full control of my body. The hospital refused to document any of my injuries, while the police who claim I tried to fight them had none.
    I made a threat via email that I would attempt suicide if Albury police came to my home one more time to bring false charges against me. This is how they dealt with that threat; stormed my home, roughed me up, took me away in handcuffs and bought new charges of resist arrest against me.
    However, they were also able to have me placed into a psychiatric ward at the local hospital, again based only on their lies about myself having ‘attacked them for no reason’. I was kept in that facility for two weeks and heavily drugged by staff who knew I was there for corrupt reasons.
    I have no history of mental health issues, but for the past two years police have tried to use a local mental health service to claim that I do, trying to discredit my continued complaints about them, the Albury Local Court and my false accusers.
    Albury police were aware I had hearings approaching in relation to four of their false charges in February 2018. I believe I was put into that facility to deprive me of the chance to finish preparing for those, or be unavailable to defend myself at them.
    I was able to secure my release before the court date, but emailed the Local court explaining that I could not attend because I had no short-term memory functioning due to the drugs which had been forced into me, that I had not finalized or lodged my defence briefs and was now forced to seek legal representation to take over my cases.
    I have been informally advised that I was convicted of all of those charges in my absence, but have not been advised if the result was a jail term or another inappropriately large fine. The court has my email address and could easily provide me with the result, but while they don’t, the period in which I can legally appeal draws to a close.
    To frame me for the first charge, Constable Rowan Weekley of Albury police asked to have an informal chat with me in my home and to record myself stating my name and date of birth for his notes, and to confirm that I was the author of two documents.
    He illegally recorded our whole conversation without my knowledge, and then claimed in his arrest documents that he had obtained a full confession during a lawfully recorded interview.
    His superiors refused to investigate his actions but also denied me a copy of that ‘interview’ either in transcript form or the recording made on the arresting officer’s personal mobile phone, as did the court.
    The Magistrate did not ask to see a copy of the ‘interview’ on the day he convicted me the charge. The charge was not legally able to be heard in court due to the police evidence being inadmissible, and the accused not having seen a copy of it. The Magistrate was fully aware of that.
    In a rehearing of the charge, the court allowed the false transcript of the informal conversation into evidence, despite it having been prepared months after the interview and involved other acts of police misconduct.
    The recording had been heavily edited and the ‘transcript’ is unsigned by the arresting officer and the accused, undated, and not verified by his superior officer. It can never be claimed to be legal in any court of law. It also contained no real confession of guilt, but the Magistrate in the Albury Local Court convicted me based on it’s false claim of one.
    The violations of my rights to fair trials are apparent in all of the transcripts of the hearings, yet NSW Justice and the Attorney General refuse to address the misconduct which has been occurring in the court room towards myself.
    It is outrageous that I must attempt to reach the High Court from a position of hiding, and while being in genuine fear for my life, in the state of NSW, and in Australia and while being innocent of any criminal actions.

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