The Code Of the Jedi & Sith

The Jedi & Sith Code together

The Jedi & Sith Code being apart of Star Wars, an yes, I am a Star Wars Fan, as well as enjoying Indiana Jones.

As much as these codes intrigue me, I always had sympathy & empathy for the Sith, as in a way they felt betrayed by their Jedi Teachers, even though many of the Earliest Sith, were also called Dark Jedi.

As you look at both codes, they address 2 different areas, an both are very applicable in the Truths they Present.

With the 1st 2 beginning each one:

  • There is no emotion, there is Peace.
  • Peace is a lie, there is only Passion.

Whilst the Jedi looked at fixing External to repair internal, the Sith Looked at repairing internal to fix External, both applications work, like a wheel within a wheel.

There is No Emotion, There Is Peace: the key part looked at here is Peace, we all seek peace, but with emotion removed, how is there also inner fixing.

Peace Is a Lie, there is only Passion: with the Sith Perception that Peace is a Lie, obtains that you could put anyone in a symbol of Authority, just as that Authority has Passed the Buck to the Next in Line to Rule, The Peace & Promises you had before were Broken before you, by which they then make mention There is only Passion, it takes Passion to Drive you to reach or strive for something, without that Passion, how does one survive in a Harsh World.

With the 2nd line of Each:

  • There is no Ignorance, There is Knowledge.
  • Through Passion, I Gain Strength.

There is no Ignorance, There is Knowledge:Ignorance is seen as the Lack of Knowledge, but Knowledge itself is available for the Learning.

Through Passion, I Gain Strength: Though the Sith weren’t ignorant of the Jedi Code, they used Passion to Gain Strength of things learned through the Force.

With the 3rd line of Each:

  • There is no Passion, There is Serenity.
  • Through Strength, I Gain Power.

There is no Passion, There is Serenity: By the removing of Passion, you become content with your surroundings.

Through Strength, I Gain Power: With Strength internally, we use it to rise to the Occasion.

with the 4th Line of Each:

  • There is no Chaos, There is Harmony.
  • Through Power, I Gain Victory

There is No Chaos, There is Harmony:By ignoring the Chaos around You, you see the Harmony of events happening.

Through Power, I Gain Victory: Once Power is Gained within oneself, we gain victory to overcome hard situations.

the 5th line of Each:

  • There is No Death, There Is The Force.
  • Through Victory, My Chains are Broken.

There is No Death, There is The Force: Where Death Ends, The Power of The Force remains.

Through Victory, My Chains are Broken:Once overcoming situations, we break the cycles of things Past, these are like Chains, that then get broken.

The 6th Line:

  • The Force Shall Set Me Free.

The Force Shall Set Me Free: So by following the flow of the Force, and it’s leading, even through Hard Situations, it will teach you how to free yourself.

So we are able to learn from both sides, as they both teach good lessons, by which one can apply.

Jesus Christ is my Source of the Force.




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