SHE WINS in Court but gets beaten up in Prison: Email to Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe

What a Sad Report as even the Dept Of Justice steals Items from the Disabled as well, including accusing them of Crimes, which are the Dept Of Justices creation, so much for protecting the disabled as it seems the Dept Of Justice, Govt, Medical System continue to lie & stereotype us, on top of that steal items & aides to us.
Then try to cover up their crimes, by throwing us in prisons, if that ain’t conspiracy it must be Mary Poppins Pumped up on Steroids, trying to look like the perfect nanny.

Victims Unite!

At the demo outside Downing StreetDear Sir Bernard

This is to ask you to appoint an investigator into SIX members of staff who assaulted Ms Melissa Laird A8904CJ last Saturday.

Together with Ms Rooney, whom I Cc, I visited her this morning as McKenzie Friends and heard what amounts to violence, cruelty and torture of the utmost degrading kind. It has been suggested to us that it is prison ‘culture’ to punish inmates when they succeed in court: I had told Ms Laird on Friday that her deportation was stayed. She has still not been told officially though!

Instead, she was put on ’segregation’, i.e. in total isolation, even though she is severely disabled due to arthritis in both knees.

Besides the assault that broke her right arm and left big bruises on her left leg and hand, she was treated in the most degrading and humiliating manner:

  • Her clothes, religious books, legal papers and…

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