Pot Smoking Hippy Unwittingly Defies The Legal System, Council And Bank

This Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System Tyranny has to Stop.
Yet they will also target the disabled to get their jollies off.


I was feeling sorry for the guy when I read this article in The Age:


Just another harmless person victimized by the system…. or so I thought,  until I read that he is now”squatting” in his own home due to the fact that the bank cannot sell his house to repossess it because he never bothered to get permits for any of the building work he did.  He did all the work himself and had no permits,  so the house is now deemed unsafe and cannot be legally sold. So he can basically go on squatting in his house without paying his mortgage indefinitely.  Most likely he didn’t intend any of this and just wanted to tend to his house and garden in peace, but there is a lesson to be learned here: Perform renovations on your house without a permit, then stop paying your mortgage. The bank cannot…

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Police Defend Bank that Looted Wrong House, Won’t Return Items or Pay

well the Dept of Justice are Just Robbers that wear Badges, an they steal, kill & destroy your life.
Everytime they do it, its like they get orgasmic off it