UN Convention allows for Disabled People to have sex lives minus Govt,Dept Of Justice & Medical System Hate Crime against them.

Sex Lives

Sex Lives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Disabled freedom of the web

Disabled freedom of the web (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A map of parties to the Convention on the Righ...

A map of parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities. Parties in dark green, countries which have signed but not ratified in light green, non-members in grey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Under the UN Protections of Disabled Persons, the Disabled can enjoy their Sex Lives without being Degraded by Govt, Dept Of Injustice, Banker & Medical System.

But it seems to me over the Decades Past, these Systems still neglect the Disabled to have Enjoyable Sex Lives, but still continue to Degrade the Disabled, still making out the Disabled to be sick Deviants, when the True Sick Deviants are the ones in Govt, Dept Of Injustice, Bankers & Medical System.

As they set Laws themselves, that they can’t even uphold themselves, an get away with Crimes on the Public, an act out in their Terrorist ways to the Disabled & Others.

As each day goes by, I lose more & more trust in the Entities mentioned above, as they are Selfish, Self Serving, Narcissistic, an they can’t get things right in the titles they carry, what makes them think they can get it right for someone else, the answer is they can’t.

Meet The “Mental Asylum” – The Department Of Homeland Security’s New ‘Pentagon’

Ours is called ASIO

Dealing With Criminals

Lets start off with the Criminals in Govt, Dept Of Injustice(justice) & Medical System, bankers added additional as they extort the public into massive debt

Real Science

No mention in the press of the record cold at the North Pole, the large increase in Arctic ice extent over last year, or the record Antarctic ice extent.

Instead they made up a fake story about the North Pole melting and spread it all over the Internet.

Viral Melting North Pole Photos Not Proof of Global Warming, Scientists Say

Recently, concerns were raised over the supposed melting North Pole after webcam photos captured an ice-covered image in late April and a less-frosty, lake-looking photo in late July, in an article originally published by The Atlantic.

After Ferrell followed up with the North Pole Environmental Conservatory, he received an email reply stating that ‘”Given the excitement over recent images, we are putting the following write up with the images on our web site.”

The write-up clarifies that “The formation of melt ponds has always been a key feature of the…

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Privacy breach prompts retraction of three papers from the trauma literature

The Same Way The Dept Of Injustice(Justice) traumatize the Disabled when they Pin them for Crimes of the Dept Of Injustices Creation

Retraction Watch

ejpsychtraumA group of international psychology researchers is retracting three papers in the wake of revelations that they failed to adequately safeguard the identities of the patients who participated in the studies.

So far, only one article has been formally retracted. That article, “Combining biofeedback and Narrative Exposure Therapy for persistent pain and PTSD in refugees: a pilot study,” appeared last year in the European Journal of Psychotramatology. Its authors were Naser Morina, Thomas Maier, Richard Bryant, Christine Knaevelsrud, Lutz Wittmann, Michael Rufer, Ulrich Schnyder and Julia Müller.

According to the notice:

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Government’s Hand To Dip Right Into Your Bank Account

1st they throw us into debt, then when you piss them off some more they throw us into further debt

Barnaby Is Right


No surprises here for regular readers.

From today’s Australian Financial Review:

The federal government will prop up the budget bottom line with a new levy on banks that will be badged as providing insurance in case future bailouts are needed.

The Australian Financial Review has learned that the government’s economic statement, set to be released Friday, will contain a deposit insurance levy as recommended by the Council of Financial Regulators, which will raise funds to underwrite any Australian bank should it need assistance in the future.

The proposed levy would be between 0.05 per cent and 0.1 per cent. Presently, the government guarantees deposits up to $250,000 without charging the banks.

Actually, the AFR has it wrong. Or at least, incomplete.

Yes, the Council of Financial Regulators may have “recommended” this.

But the real shot-callers, are the banksters at the IMF and the Financial Stability Board.

Recently, we saw…

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My Response to the FBI Sex Trafficking Sweep and a Cry to the Church

The FBI must be making a bundle off their Child Sex Rings