Dealing With Criminals

Lets start off with the Criminals in Govt, Dept Of Injustice(justice) & Medical System, bankers added additional as they extort the public into massive debt

Real Science

No mention in the press of the record cold at the North Pole, the large increase in Arctic ice extent over last year, or the record Antarctic ice extent.

Instead they made up a fake story about the North Pole melting and spread it all over the Internet.

Viral Melting North Pole Photos Not Proof of Global Warming, Scientists Say

Recently, concerns were raised over the supposed melting North Pole after webcam photos captured an ice-covered image in late April and a less-frosty, lake-looking photo in late July, in an article originally published by The Atlantic.

After Ferrell followed up with the North Pole Environmental Conservatory, he received an email reply stating that ‘”Given the excitement over recent images, we are putting the following write up with the images on our web site.”

The write-up clarifies that “The formation of melt ponds has always been a key feature of the…

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