bank deposit tax coming to Australia

Nasty, increase National Debt once again, an make the Populace Slaves, but of course they will want to help fluctuate more money on many of their fake Dept Of Justice Stings to get media profit, which drives Australia deeper an deeper into debt


Bank robbery a la Cyprus 2013_thumb[3]


Just weeks after Kevin Rudd was reinstated as PM the Federal government has revealed plans for a  bank depositor tax of 0.05 % on all deposits up to $250,000AUD.

So this means:

Another tax for everyone except the ultra rich.

Customers of bank are make to insure the bank, not the shareholders.

The bank will have fund to plunder which they will definitely will attempt to get.

The banks are being offered a reward for failure which make banking failure more likely.

The banks have taken secret bailout money in the past and will do so in the future.

How has banking become so thoroughly corrupted that customers are expected to insure the  bank (a business) they are forced to use?

Many of the major banks here in Australia have recorded vast profits in the last few years, why are the shareholders not required to fund this…

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