Now about those Government Agencies..?

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eagle1Now about those Government Agencies..?

In recent weeks, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has seen a surge in the number of illegal aliens from Mexico claiming asylum. In fact, the Department is allegedly experiencing such a high number of requests that it is paying for the illegal aliens and their families to stay in hotels while processing centers figure out how to cope with the sudden influx. (Fox News,Aug. 12, 2013)

According to documents obtained by Fox News, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) — the agency charged with enforcing federal immigration law — has been paying for hotel rooms for dozens of these recently arrived illegal aliens in the San Diego area at a cost of roughly $100 per night. Illegal aliens that were not brought to a hotel were reportedly released to addresses in Texas, Florida, and New York.

In an attempt to relieve overcrowding…

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Humanity Is Drowning In Washington’s Criminality – Paul Craig Roberts

Anti Oligarch

Amerika has become despised by everyone who has a moral conscience and a sense of justice.Amerika has become despised by everyone who has a moral conscience and a sense of justice.

Americans will soon be locked into an unaccountable police state unless US Representatives and Senators find the courage to ask questions and to sanction the executive branch officials who break the law, violate the Constitution, withhold information from Congress, and give false information about their crimes against law, the Constitution, the American people and those in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Somalia, Guantanamo, and elsewhere. Congress needs to use the impeachment power that the Constitution provides and cease being subservient to the lawless executive branch. The US faces no threat that justifies the lawlessness and abuse of police powers that characterize the executive branch in the 21st century.

Impeachment is the most important power of Congress. Impeachment is what protects the citizens, the Constitution, and the other branches of government from abuse by…

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Whistle Blowers Use To Be American Patriots

California To Force Ammo Registration

This is happening in Australia

Underground Politics.dotorg

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Are you Tired of the Government Keeping Us Safe From Terrorism by Abusing Us Being the Real Terrorist?


Posted on August 13, 2013 by The Watchdog

President Ronald Reagan said the most scariest word we can hear is” I am from the government. I am here to help”. How true it is. Ever since September 11, 2001, the government has been using this excuse to infringe on our rights. It did not start…
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Are you Tired of the Government Keeping Us Safe From Terrorism by Abusing Us Being the Real Terrorist?

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U.S. Law Enforcement Running Wild: Military Powers Incrementally Bestowed. Where Is This Headed? Commentary By Adina Kutnicki

Happening in Australia too

Adina Kutnicki

Let’s place the following squarely on the table:  A healthy respect is evinced at this site for the sacrifices made by law enforcement, particularly in the U.S. and Israel. Few can rationally argue, sans a capable police force the ‘rule of law’ would be unenforceable. 

That being said, not unlike all necessary tools, it depends upon who is wielding the ultimate power, whether or not abuses ensue. Now, it is certainly true that ‘military style’ policing has been around, even before the Radical-in-Chief soiled the People’s House, but at slower incremental levels. And particularly since 9/11/01, as well as whenever Demsters find an opening to insert their totalitarian muscle, the ante has been upped. But no one should dare suggest (at least at this site) that the so called ‘war on terror’ (one cannot be at war against a tactic, but never mind…stating that the west is at war…

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