Male Survivors Of Rape By Women,Men

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I had posted a couple of days ago on Male Harassment and Helpline numbers.

I am posting now information on Males who survived Rape from Women/Men.


A 19-year-old man has come forward and reported his own sexual assault that took place March 30 in Toronto. The report singles out four women as the assailants, highlighting not only the brutality of the assault, but the bravery of the victim to come forward in a world where sexual assault against men is rarely reported.

Allegedly, the victim was alone the night of the assault until he met the women at a nightclub. They offered him a ride home, drove a few blocks away to a parking lot, and sexually assaulted the man. When they were finished, they drove him a few blocks further and let him out of the car.

While it took the victim a week to report…

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  1. Thanks for the reblog/

    • No probs, its a real issue that often ppl miss

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