Marxist Communism needs Capitalism to Survive.

Communist Marxism, One would be thinking, why it needs Capitialism to Survive, the answer is Easy.

Communism requires its own Enemy aka Capitialism, because without Capitalism, whether one agrees with it or not, to give its movement the fire to continue its fight against the Capitalists or Capitalist Elites.
Whilst this Occurs, with Communists also in places of Power, doing Capitalist Jobs, some even high up in the Capitalist Elite, as Directors of Companies to even floor staff.

Just Like Islam It requires their Enemies aka The Jews/Christians & Non Believers to still exist in their world for their passion to burn against Destroying their Enemy.

Once you Remove the Enemy factor of Both, they will Disintegrate, an this is where even Anarchists have seen the error within Communism, though there are are both Lifestyle Anarchists & Social Anarchists, The anarchist is also able to find a way to still survive even after the fall of Both Islam & Communism.

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  1. Einstein once said “I fear the day that technolgy will surpass human interaction, we will have a generation of idiots.

    1. People that comment on the crisis do so due to the GFC….ie, personal interest only. They have no concern for the greater good and have no expertise in anything….just big mouths and regurgitate garbage like this that actually makes no sense.

    2. Activists like myself who have been hands on and involved in full times studies in everything from economics to anthropolgy have the greater good at heart and do not give a fuck where we find the truth as long as we find it.

    3. Capitalist private property the cause of all war, misery and poverty
    learn something for godsake. If it is incoorect please show how this is so

    • There are things older than capitalism, that have caused wars & misery.
      When 1 speaks of pvt property, it is of personal belongings.

      Communism just like capitalism, still relies on material things to uphold their views.
      Thing with materialism, it can take many forms, 1 of those forms can also be attachment.
      Just like there are links in a chain, each link in the chain, is attached literally to it.
      It still remains a chain, but for what purpose, to enslave, to move an object, it can have many uses, but materialistically, its still a chain.
      But when the chain is put up to a different element, it causes it to rust, to even suffer a form of scrutiny or criticism.
      Depending what metals the chain is made of, it will either break, rust or melt under the pressure it goes under.
      Should it fail all tests, its no different than building your house on the sand, then sinking afterwards, because you didnt build it on sturdy ground.

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