The War on the Disabled Community continues from The Australian Tyrannical Govt Authorities


As a person with a Disability, Yes I have been targeted Intentionally by the Australian Tyrannical Govt Authorities.

I am expecting the worst of what they are pressing into now, in seeking my Death, using the Shield Of Law to do that.

My Dreams I already count as Destroyed by these Tyrants, yes these Tyrants do stalk me & have stalked me for a long time.


I don’t know how many articles I will get done this year, should these Articles stop, count my life as Murdered Intentionally by the Australian Tyrannical Govt Authorities, using the Shield Of Law to get away with their Lies & Ostracizing of people in the Disabled Community.

I have spoken to another person who was a public servant, who worked within this Australian Tyrannical Govt Authorities, who confirms, they do in fact Intentionally prey upon us in the Disabled Community, making us X, Y & Z to murder us behind the Shield Of Law.

Mankind’s Shield Of Law is their permission to murder anyone’s life without consequences, without being challenged by those they have brainwashed to believe their Laws as religious propaganda.


As mentioned above, mankind shield of law, is both propaganda & religious.

Religious on these points:

  • People consider religions to have a hierarchy, which These do have.
  • Within the hierarchy it also has heroes & gods(Basically every Govt Authority figure/s)
  • It sets strict conditions to which they know can’t even be met by their own hierarchy.
  • It has Heralds to report people they have accepted or ostracized, whether in public or secret.
  • It has spies & gossipers(To fabricate lies about a certain person, to even fabricate evidence against them.)
  • It has leaders to execute condemnation against their transgressor to the wicked laws.
  • It will use all forms of intimidation like religious cult, to which it will provide a lying form to escape into a false sense of freedom.
  • It has it’s own support system for it’s own hierarchy to get away with their crimes on the people, which it will cover up their own crimes against the people through societal manipulation
  • It will use its own statue to protect its own Propaganda to the public
  • It considers itself as the only overruling power over you(again without challenge)
  • Its hierarchy will use outlets for sacrifice of people leading to death as its highest goal.

Propaganda on these points:

  • By its power, it is able to set the environment via the propaganda it uses
  • With its power, it sets a seed within the minds of people to follow a systematic council of lies to lean unto it’s side, as it is the always right side.
  • Their Propaganda sets up the premise that you must believe it’s set Icons X, Y & Z as the be all & end all of all arguments(again without challenge)
  • It Propagates its own form of Truth, whether that Truth be called Law/News.(Yet both are printed in the same form, whether digital to on paper, again set so it can never be challenged)
  • The Propaganda is always used to protect it’s religious based foundation, as mentioned above being Govt Authorities)
  • Propagation of freedom by their propaganda is also false, as it will also fall back into it’s own religious Law to defend it’s position to propagate it’s own falsehood upon the people.
  • its Propaganda will be used to announce it’s sacrifices to appease the leaders, which are their gods, therefore appeasing the religious side of their Law as Absolute Truth without challenge.

In Conclusion this very system of Govt Authorities that is so Tyrannical here in Australia.

Runs on it’s own authorized form of Moral Relativism as it changes the set rules to meet the requirements to suit its own agenda, it sets its own Moral High Ground, as it preys upon The Disabled Community, The Poor on the Streets, Children of Families(Making the Govt Authorities Child Predators by default), exploitation of minority groups, to even people who get thrown in prison for small even meaningless things.

It intentionally sets the Divide from People & the State/Federal Authorities.

It’s property it steals is YOU, an will use Materiel properties to make threats, knowing full well, whether the properties be digital, it is made up of a numerical system of dots & digits which in the end mean nothing to them, as YOU are their Target to either Ostracize or Convert, as it also expects YOU to help Ostracize or Convert others to its cause.

It Boasts in false godliness that it sees as holy in the sight of the public, to which they expect the public to worship it, at festivals or events it sets to distract the people.

As I do believe in God, I choose Him over these Tyrannical Govt Authorities, that do intend to Murder myself behind the Shield Of Law.

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