Eugenics being used against Disabled Community, care of Govt Authorities.

This Murder Machine Called Govt Authorities.

Eugenics in Australia: The secret of Melbourne’s elite

Mind your genes! The dark legacy of eugenics lives on

The return of eugenics

Eugenics in Australia: Melbourne’s Hidden History

A theory out of the darkness

Eugenics, it doesn’t matter what angle you come at it with, it still causes harm in our society, including the harm of us in the Disabled Community.

The Govt Authorities still do use Eugenics, because they want The Good Stock to lead the people, what about us, The Disabled Community, we are still considered the Unfit Stock.

The Laws used against us are proof of this, as 1 of the practices of Eugenics is to stop a seedline of a family or person continuing, basically, Genocide in the Highest Degrees.

The People responsible for this, Our Magistrates, Judges, Supreme & High Court Faculty, Police included, as they follow orders like Dumb Trolls ready to troll our lives.

From its early beginnings to present day, the practice of Eugenics remains the same, with the help of Law at its side, to where Science & Law work to cleanse the Nation of the Unfit, when the Unfit are those in the offices giving orders against a community they deem unfit, whether to make them a criminal, without actually finding out ways that individual person needs help to grasp things.

These of the collective hive mind, have targeted myself, using similar means, an by that also being apart of the Disabled Community, have Lost all respect for the Govt Authorities, and know for sure, I am not the only one in the Disabled Community who has lost all respect for the Govt Authorities either.

Any Law that it used against us in the Disabled Community, causes more harm, than any Good, there are ways to help us in the Disabled Community, without using these Laws that might as well be of the Dark Ages, that basically treats us like heretics of the religion of the state, the religion of death.


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