What happens when undercover police join a march against police violence


What happens when undercover police join a march against police violence

This week in Oakland, California, demonstrators have taken to the streets on consecutive nights to protest against two separate US grand jury decisions not to prosecute white police officers who killed unarmed black men.

On Wednesday night around 100 people marched against police violence when, according to reports, two members of the protest began inciting them to, um, be violent. ::::http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/what-happens-when-undercover-police-join-a-march-against-police-violence–xk1MR4Rftg

However, some members of the crowd realised the two men wearing scarves over their faces weren’t all they seemed and accused them of being undercover police officers.

At this point the two men did identify themselves as plainclothes members of the California Highway Patrol. :::::http://i100.independent.co.uk/article/what-happens-when-undercover-police-join-a-march-against-police-violence–xk1MR4Rftg


That force’s chief, Avery Browne, said that the two detectives – there to gather intelligence and nothing more – were surrounded by up to 50…

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Dashcam Video Sheds Light on Cop Shooting 70-Year-Old Disabled Man

More Evidence Once Again that cops love to murder & destroy the lives of the Disabled intentionally.
Welcome to Nazi Germany Australia, as it happens in Americas backyard, its happening in ours

CO2 Tax Australia – This Mad And Bad Carbon Tax Must Go

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Bolt New 01 By Andrew Bolt ~spanner_thumb

How many more manufacturing workers must be sacked, thanks to green policies that only pretend to stop global warming?

How many of the jobless won’t be able to heat or cool their homes, with these same mad policies helping to hike power prices by 110 per cent in only five years?

And all this pain to make no difference to the world’s temperature. What a fraud.

True, the carbon tax and less-known Renewable Energy Target did not themselves kill Alcoa’s Point Henry smelter or Toyota’s Australian plants this month.

But the carbon tax alone cost Alcoa $137 million last year. How brainless is that, when its Australian smelters were already battling to survive competition from leaner competitors overseas?

The carbon tax also cost Toyota $115 a car. How stupid is that, when Australian-made cars were already struggling to compete against cheaper imports?

Apologists for the carbon…

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This is the true face of the Dept of Justice


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Fascism present in Australia

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