Where suicidal feelings come from for disabled people

Where suicidal feelings come from for disabled people

was just looking for articles on this topic, an I have grown up with a disability all my life.
Too me, its like our Govt & Dept Of Justice, have turned all Hitler on us Disabled, scapegoating us for Crimes of there Creation.
When in reality, they are the Monster, the true Dr Jekyll & Hyde.

A Poem: Born Broken

Born Broken,

Into a Broken World,

Torn & Shredded,

By the Elements around Me,

My Mourning,

wanting to see repair,

Dropped & Stepped on,

My screams go into the Air,

Is anybody listening?,

Does Anybody care?

Shattered like fragile glass,

Stained by the Broken World,

Accused & Treated like a Blasphemous thing.

This Earth Corrupted, Stained by Sin, Creating stumbling-blocks for others to Sin.

Does this Cycle ever Stop?

Wickedness has crept in,

High & Low, with even the Wicked accusing the Broken for Breaking Their World.

The Hope Of the Wicked,

The Hope of the Broken,

The Hope Of the Righteous.

Behold The Light,

It Smashes The Darkness,

The Broken Run To It,

The Wicked Flee from It,

The Gentleness of the Light,

Not to Loose, or to tight.

The Heat of The Light,

Repairing Minds,

Repairing Bones,

Being the Father, to those of Fatherless Homes.

The Darkness Flees, with weeps an wails, with screams & Screeches to fine to hear.

Torn Asunder by there treatment of the Broken.

The Light Of Truth, The Light Of Life, Hide yourself in this Lights Booth.

The Light Of the World, Who tears through all Darkness, With compassion to those, Who seek The Lights Love.