Pornography:The Devils tool to Destroy Lives.

Points about Pornography.

  1. It covers all forms of Pornography, including Child Porn.
  2. It Appeals & Manipulates Our Cravings.
  3. The Government & Authorities Do nothing to Stop It, seeing they too are tools of the Porno Industry on All Types Of Porn.
  4. The World has no cure for it, yet always produces more of it daily.

What Pornography Does:

  • It Sets up an Idol Before God.
  • It makes fornication(in All Forms) Feel Ok.
  • It Defiles the Marriage Bed.

So why does the Govermeant & Authorities Allow it:

  • So they can control a populace of people, just as Satan wants control over God’s Creation.
  • Because they Profit by putting people in Jail they have Helped Create.
  • To Fulfill the founder of Eugenics Role & Pornography Profits their Bank Accounts.

Is there a Solution?

Yes Pornography of ALL Forms has become a disease that has Poisoned the Hearts & Minds of Mankind.

Answer:Destroy it All, an sex offenders of all kinds wont exist.

Eternal Solution?

Is Christ Jesus.

Addictions: The Top 5 Govt & Dept Of Justice Addictions

Addictions of the Govt & Dept Of Justice, of course they will deny they do have addictions, but its very Evident they do have them.

So what are the Top 5 Addictions for the Govt & Dept Of Justice.

There are many addictions to choose from.

For the Govt the Top 5 Addictions:

  1. Greed-Anything Money Oriented
  2. Hypocrisy- Say One Thing, do Another, technically lying, yes its an addiction.
  3. Selfishness-The Super Sized ME ME ME Syndrome.
  4. Media Attention-Anything to Glorify themselves.
  5. Breaking Promises.

For the Dept Of Justice Top 5 Addictions:

  1. Stealing- Public Theft, done in Plain Sight, whilst they Hide it behind there Laws.
  2. Killing-Defamation of the Innocent.
  3. Destroying- Intentional Murder.
  4. Pornography- Using Lust & Seduction to target the Innocent, an is rampant like a Dog with Rabies.
  5. Pride-That by their own Merit it makes them Acceptable in the Sight Of God, who can see all Their Wickedness done to the Innocent for their Lust for Power.

 Can you think of any Top 5 Addictions for the Govt or Dept of Justice?

Stained Mirrors:Why Our Govt & Dept Of Justice aren’t Transparent to us.

Transparency, The Govt & Dept Of Justice demand the Public to be Transparent with Them, but why is it, they fail to be Transparent with the Public.

The Answer is Simple, They are Involved in Crime, by which there Mirrors are Stained, an by Stains on there Mirror, I mean Stains of Blood.

So they choose to cover it up with the Public.

It comes back to the One Set of Rules for the Govt & Dept Of Justice, an Another Set Of Rules for the Public.

Such Actions are Hypocrisy, an is Ripe with Injustice in All Areas.

With Govt & Dept Of Justice which Literally can get away with even Crimes against the Public, even considered Illegal for the Public, The Public is made out to be The Predators, whilst the Govt & Dept Of Justice make themselves out to be the Prey.

The Truth is, they are the Predators & we are There Prey, an These Predators Carry Guns, have there own Personal Protection Squads that Protect them, but Don’t Protect the Public.

They Protect the Pornography Industry, an Yes, Child Porn is also Apart of the Dept Of Justice Porn Industry, as it is of the Govt Porn Industry, It’s also why they have there fake child Protection squads, who are nothing more than Police with Addictions to Child Pornography, whilst they will even accuse the feeblest of people of such crimes, including the Disabled who can easily led astray.

Yes even the Laws around the Dept Of Justice Protect those in the Dept Of Justice to Legally Distribute Child Pornography Back onto the Internet, to condition & Brainwash anyone already who has an addiction to Porn, whilst the Police already have this addiction to Child Porn.

Sad but True.

Child Porn is sick & Disgusting, but by the Govt & Dept Of Justice continue to let the Sex Industry of Porn continue, they are Furthering the Work of Dr Alfred Kinsey, who He himself, was a Pedophile.

His work played apart in the Sexual Revolution & other movements.

The GLBTI Movement all thank Alfred Kinsey for His Work, an this movement has affect the Whole World, inc. Australia.

One such High Court Judge that worships Alfred Kinseys Work in Australia is Justice Michael Kirby, who want’s to see all of Alfred Kinsey’s Dreams of his Sexual Revolution to come to Pass.



Tyrants Run Our Govt & Dept Of Justice.








Tyranny, it happens today, an shows itself that even the Public Notice it.

I came across this quote on another website I sometimes go onto, an this is Thomas Jefferson, Stating that Tyranny is Defined, which is Legal for the Govt but Illegal for the Citizens to do.

He Words Ring True in this day & age, an in so many areas.

We Truly do have Tyrants running this country of Australia, from Our Govt to Dept Of Justice.

They Truly have become Hitlers Successors, an Kinsey‘s Proteges.

This Quote of Thomas Jefferson, reminds me & also confirms to me, of things even Jesus said in the Book of Matthew, linking to Corrupt Leaders in His Day, that would get away with the same Tyranny.

It also confirms, of how the Govt even to the Dept Of Justice, like to make themselves look so Pious, when in Reality, they are far from it, but also continue in there Tyranny, Terrorizing the People by any means possible.

With a statement like this of Great Renown of his day, He too would’ve known of the Horrors of people being scapegoated for Govt & Dept Of Justice crimes, that also happens in this day & age.

I know Thomas Jefferson might be dead, but in my Books, He can be an Honorary Australian, an I don’t care what royalty says about it

Thomas Jefferson.


Secret History:Kinseys Pedophiles

Published on Nov 12, 2012

This is a Yorkshire Television production for Channel 4, produced and directed by Tim Tate, aired August 10, 1998. The show features interviews with Kinsey team members Paul Gebhard and Clarence Tripp, Kinsey Institute director John Bancroft and several of Kinsey’s biographers.

Here’s an original press release of the production:…

Dr. Reisman’s revealing book covering this fraud, “Kinsey, Crimes & Consequences”:…

Check out a chapter from that book, which cites this tv show:…

Also see “The Kinsey Coverup”:…

and “The Kinsey Syndrome”:

Our Govt & Dept Of Justice show there worship of Alfred Kinsey, by allowing the Porn Industry to Continue to manipulate our countries, an changing the nature of people, It is also conditioning people to become things they aren’t inc. Paedophiles.

By doing nothing, they help create more evil & wickedness.
There Groups centered on Child Porn & Child Protection as they claim are Glorified Alfred Kinsey Child Sex Squads, Like Nambla & the female version of Nambla hiding behind badges, as they also distribute the Child Porn back onto the Internet, conditioning others to be exactly what they are.
Pedophiles in High Places of Power, inc. The Dept Of Justice & Govt.

Pentagon Tied to Distribution of all Child Porn Distribution around the world conditioning & brainwashing others to be what they are……

Yep, these are your worlds child sex predators & pedophiles.
They Hide Behind Badges, they claim they stand for Justice, yet its ok for them to view & distribute child porn, an create more child porn around the world.
We call them Judges, Police Officers, All those of the Dept Of Justice, also including those in the Medical Field who Protect these Predators in Badges.
Whilst Many of the Innocent, have been Brainwashed, Conditioned, including those fragile & vulnerable like the disabled who get scapegoated for their crimes,

Valley Pediatrician accused of distributing child porn

Yes thats right, even your doctor can distribute child porn, even if its of your child.
Yes it happens in Australia too, but there protected by the Law Of the Land.
Both working together