Marxist Communism needs Capitalism to Survive.

Communist Marxism, One would be thinking, why it needs Capitialism to Survive, the answer is Easy.

Communism requires its own Enemy aka Capitialism, because without Capitalism, whether one agrees with it or not, to give its movement the fire to continue its fight against the Capitalists or Capitalist Elites.
Whilst this Occurs, with Communists also in places of Power, doing Capitalist Jobs, some even high up in the Capitalist Elite, as Directors of Companies to even floor staff.

Just Like Islam It requires their Enemies aka The Jews/Christians & Non Believers to still exist in their world for their passion to burn against Destroying their Enemy.

Once you Remove the Enemy factor of Both, they will Disintegrate, an this is where even Anarchists have seen the error within Communism, though there are are both Lifestyle Anarchists & Social Anarchists, The anarchist is also able to find a way to still survive even after the fall of Both Islam & Communism.

Luke Benward:Let Your Love Out

Another Brilliant song by Luke Benward.

English: Lindee Link and Luke Benward in 2010.

English: Lindee Link and Luke Benward in 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Let Your Love Out, this song applies to all People, High & Low, Rich & Poor.

Let Your Love Out

Let Your Love Out (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Often we only need to go see whats happening in the World Outside our Homes, even through Media, as the World shows so much Apathy.

But all it takes to change this World, is to Show Love.

Some People respond easier to Tough Love, where others Respond easier with Encouragement, that they are able to walk in the Right Direction.

Love, will lay down it’s Life Selflessly for another Person, Disabled or not.

As Jesus taught Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.

This action is seen as Brotherly Love, or Sibling Love, Loving Your Friends including New Friends, as Members of Your Family.

Is it possible for this to happen in this day & age, most definitely, if Jesus taught it, it is applicable.

Would I lay down my life for my enemy, as Jesus teaches also to love my enemies, the answer would be yes, whether I trust them or not, it is the Duty of Love.

Luke Benward:Higher Love

Another Luke Benward song, Higher Love.

Awesome all the way, because we as Humans are always striving one way or another just to get Higher & Higher.

In the Bible,  we are taught if we desire to be set in High Places, we need to start off at the Lowest of places.

As much as people also hate sin, which transgressors the Law of God, it’s Positive Side is, that without Sin, how would we know how to be Humble in the Presence of a Mighty God.

Jesus came, an Innocent Lamb & without Sin, a taught us to walk in godliness, He rebuked those who practically thought they knew it all, when in reality, they knew nothing at all, being the Judges, Lawyers, an those of people of Authority, because they were just as bad as the people they were accusing of being Sinners.

Then Jesus came to the Sinners, an showed a Love to them, from the Poor, to the Disabled, He Loved them all, he didn’t say you should be in Jail for this or that crime, but he did show compassion.

English: Statue of Simon the Zealot by Hermann...

English: Statue of Simon the Zealot by Hermann Schievelbein at the roof of the Helsinki Cathedral. Suomi: Hermann Schievelbeinin veistämä Simon Kananeuksenn patsas Helsingin tuomiokirkon katolla. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jesus also had a Zealot become a Member of the 12 Apostles, Herod in his day, would’ve seen the Zealots almost like a Jewish Mafia, wanting him off the Throne, because he wasn’t a Jew Ethnically.

Many Leaders of today, could learn from the teachings of Jesus, an not Just religious Leaders, but all Leaders in General, Govt, Dept Of Justice & The Medical System.

Let’s Strive for God’s Higher Love, than our Own, because Our Love is Tainted, where God’s Love is Pure.

Luke Benward:Everyday Hero

Luke Benward‘s Everyday Hero song is another amazing song.

When I hear the words of this, I think of My Everyday Hero, I know he did this song in Honour to his Parents, but if you listen more closely to the Song, it actually Honours Jesus Christ, who made a big mock of all our Lives.

With Him Being the Lamb Of God which takes away the Sins of the World, he sure made a Mock of my Sin, in doing what he did for me & all those who follow him today.

The Hypocrisy Of The Law:Jesus response to those who are the Law of The Land.

In Matt 7:1-6 & Luke 6:37-45, Jesus shows us even those in Places of Leadership of any Nation or Country to Judge Not Lest You Be Judged for the Same Unrighteous Act, or Even Permit that act for yourself an not for others in the Law Of the Land.

 That would steer a course of Unrighteous Judgment by showing it’s Ok for someone of the Law Of The Land to do an act classed as Illegal for the People, but for themselves they made it Legal to do Illegal Activities.

I can bring up many examples on this even in this day an age of where Unrighteous Judgment Is Present.

Jesus taught the Majority of Judgment done in his day was People Judging by the Flesh, as what also happens today, All in Leadership Positions in Govt & Law, Judge by the Flesh, an always Judge what they see & hear from the Flesh.

Jesus said his Judgment came from His Heavenly Father, which made His Judgment Righteous.

So What Defines Righteous Judgment to God’s Stance:

  1. He Doesn’t look at your Outer Appearance, you might be good looking, rich, have it all, but your spiritual life & Intimacy with God isnt there.
  2. He Sees both Positive & Negative of all our situations, But his intentions for us are for Good, because of his Love for us.
  3. He sees our heart transparently that not even Govt or Leaders can run away from Him.
  4. His Plans are greater than any mans, as he has a Predestined Plan.
  5. It Brings Glory To Him.
  6. He Shows Love to the Poor & Needy, to the Maimed, Lamed who would be seen as todays Disabled.

 One Blind man in John 9 was accused of being a Sinner, Jesus Healed him of His Blindness, whilst again, The Blind man was accused by Leaders of Law still accused him of being a Sinner, Jesus said this Mans Blindness was so God to be Glorified out of it, an He was Glorified, as it was also an embarrassment to the Leaders of Law to see a Blind Man Healed(showing they didn’t know how to move in Gods Manifest Power).

There is the Letter of the Law that killeth, which leaders of the Law Hold to closer than their own Family as they want Peopled Killed or Murdered by the Laws they have Established, But God’s Law is Spirit an is Also a Living Law, that also Gives Life. inc those who aren’t worthy of it.

Mans Wisdom & Knowledge is All Foolishness to God’s Wisdom & Power.

The Legacy of The Unrighteous:God’s Rebuke Of Wicked Leaders & Laws

In Isaiah 10:1-4 God Speaks to those Leaders that Decree an Write Unrighteous Decrees inc. Laws.

He Shows us in each verse of How the Leaders have acted Unrighteously to those God would Show Compassion On, instead the Leaders mistreat the Needy, an take away the rights of the Poor, He shows how they Prey Upon them like Predators, an even to Rob & Steal from them that have very real problems. inc. Disabilities.

God then Says what will you do in the Day of Visitation, an when in Desoloation, which shall come from a far place?

He then says to those Wicked Leaders, who will you flee to Help You? an where will it Leave your glory?

God continues Without Him they shall Bow Down under the Prisoners, an they shall fall under the Slain.

God then says for all of this is His Anger, which Isn’t Turned Away, an His Hand is Stretched Out still to those who are the Victims of the Wicked & Unrighteous Leaders who Decreed Unrighteous Laws to Spill the Blood of the Innocent.

An they shall say all manner of evil against you falsely:Matt 5;11

In Matt 5:11 is says “Blessed are you, when Men Shall Revile You, an Persecute You, an shall say all Manner of Evil against You Falsely, for My Sake”, this is also repeated in Luke 6:22

Well these Words Hold True through a situation right now.

Persecuted, Reviled, an all manner of evil spoken against myself falsely, where even my faith was Mocked.

It is evident the Devil through Todays System is so quick to Protect himself of actions deemed Illegal to the Public, but he is able to distribute it to the Public, an even reproduce it an get away with his evil done to the Public without Judgement.

The Devils aim to criminalize all Christians, an he doesn’t care if you have a disability or not, because he will also target them even via Pornography to Destroy Them an their character, even via Porn Addictions.

I say this because I have been targeted already.

I have lost all Faith in the Govt & Leaders under them who also work in the D.O.J.

The Only Thing Keeping me Strong is My Faith in God, Jesus Christ & The Power Of The Holy Spirit.

No Doubt in Time they will Attempt more evil to speak falsely of me.


Born Broken into a Broken & Imperfect World.

The Only one who can Restore this Broken  & Imperfect World is Christ Jesus.

So here are some Books I Recommend:

1:The Holy Bible.

2:60 things God says about Sex by Lester Sumrall.

3:7 Steps to Recruit Proof Your Child by Scott Lively.

4:The Criminalization of Christianity by Janet Folger.

5:The Homosexual Agenda by Alan Sears & Craig Osten.

6:The Pink Swastika:Homosexuality In the Nazi Party by Lively & Abrams.

These Books are Worth the Information, as it also helps in Personal Research, deemed unorthodox by the Dept Of Justice(D.O.J)

I have also studied Islam inc. The Filth of their prophet Mohammad, It saddens me the things Mohammad did, but those who are Christians & Jews who have studied the filth of Islam will understand what I mean.

The Devil/Satan is very real, even though he is a created spiritual being, his kingdom of Darkness is very real.

In Future Posts I will post info from the above books, an also work on some new Posts.

The Criminalizing of Christians has already begun here in Australia, an God only knows what Trumped up Charges will be bought upon Christians here to help the Devils Agenda Via Islam & the GLBTI Aligned Agenda in Both Politics & the D.O.J.