Marked For Death:Death Troopers in Australia.

The New Year Begins here in Australia, as it does all over the World.

What the World Does Not See, an Does Not know, is that in Australia, our Death Troopers are Very real, they work in Seats Of Power, as Magistrates, Judges, Politicians to Police.


In their list of people for Genocide in this Nation is all members of the Disabled Community, using the Shield Of Law, as their Tool of Death & Murder.

This may never be read, it doesn’t mean it isn’t happening for real, to which it is happening for real.

The Laws they are using against the Disabled Community, they will also use against you.

With the power of Authorities today, they have permission to fabricate evidence not only on you mobile devices but also on your computers.


As they lull you back to sleep with the News/Radio, even the lie of so called technological advances, these are all being done to condition you, like cattle to the Slaughter.

As stated the Antichrist System running here in Australia, does have intention to Murder this Disabled Vessel, yes even by using its fabricated propaganda which it calls LAW.


Their Laws are LAWLESSNESS(Evil Glorified) with its deceptive touch that you must respect their acts of evil to Live.

This Death Cult with its Death Troopers called Govt Authorities, an all its little minions.


As the new year is here, with the corrupt Govt Authorities still in Power, I remain unsure as to whether I’ll be able to do articles within this upcoming year, or to how many times I’ll be able to cover some articles, it could be very my last year, cause the Death Troopers of Australia, do intend to Murder this Disabled Vessel, using the Law, with their fabricated charges to cover up their intention to Murder & Kill me, because I do have a Disability, an my Dreams, may never come true of things I wanted to see & do.


The Death Troopers once again have sought to intentionally murder myself, this Disabled Vessel Behind the Shield Of Law once again.

Should there be no other articles from this page.

The Genocide of the Disabled Community is happening for Real care of The Govt Authorities in charge.

System Failure:Medical System

with dignity

with dignity (Photo credit: marvelous_blue)

Why the Medical System has Failed the Disabled?

The Medical System is considered important not only State & Nationwide, but also Internationally.

Just as the Medical System has contributed good things, we must still acknowledge, that it has contributed bad things especially in the Area of the Disabled.

Histories timeline of Medical Treatment of the Disabled has shown it has continued to fail, an still is failing the Disabled.

With such actions in World War 2, Hitler used the Medical System to Destroy the Lives of Jews, as well as the Disabled, so there was Racial-Disabled Stereotyping, along with Discrimination, Hate Crimes & Prejudice shown.

This Nazi Medical System is still current in today’s Medical System, as it is like an Undercurrent still showing mistreatment & disdain towards the Disabled.

By this I admit they use Medical Wording to cover up their Hate Crimes towards the disabled instead of putting it down in our own words, by means that they Manipulate us to be things that we aren’t an seem to show us by their own Manipulation & Lies about us, that they have the Medical Conditions by which they try to Prescribe to us.

Just as Hitler used torturous methods against the Jews & the Disabled through the Medical System, our Present System still hasn’t woken up that it is still Goosestepping with Hitlers Nazi Doctors, for in that we also become a Product of Drugs that just don’t work because the Doctors don’t wish to understand the Natural Order of things by which not only the public experience, but also which the Disabled Experience.

The Medical Systems connection with the Govt has also shown that by it’s influence in Govt, it still shows in connection with the Politicians that they are able to manipulate moneys to go into experiments also done on the Disabled, in many a case which is Involuntary & against the Disabled Persons will or understanding, as they themselves don’t understand the disabled an their own language by which we understand & relate to each other.

The Medical Systems connection with the Dept Of Justice an it’s treatment of the Disabled here is absolutely deplorable & disgusting by means this is an area where with the Help of the Dept Of Justice, completely Destroy the Lives of the Disabled, an mostly try to make the Disabled Ourselves to be things we aren’t, by painting a wrong picture of us on purpose, an Manipulate these Grounds into Sentences of Death, which violates UN Human Rights Protections of the Disabled, as by its own actions it does exactly what Hitler did in WW2 with the Disabled, give them all a Death Sentence, without being able to enjoy the true fulness of Life, in all aspects from Love lives, sex lives, friends, relationships the list goes on, as it becomes no different than aborting a child which also has a right to life.

Again in this I stand by my convictions that the Disabled need Immunity from the Law, so that we are able to contribute in the areas we want to see fulfillment in, an to see our own dreams fulfilled without Hatred or Discrimination, Directly or Indirectly.

Eliminate Debt an You Eliminate Crime

It seems to me over the years, that as our Debt has Gone Up, so Has our Crime rate.

Yet those who consider themselves our Economic Professionals, fail to make the Grade in bringing down Australia‘s Debt.

So Whilst Australia’s Debt goes up, so does our crime, not only crime seen on the streets, but also crime in places of Authority, like the Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical Advances.

No doubt if you looked into any survey of those who have broken the Law, you will find one thing in common.

MONEY, They arrest someone Poor, or Disabled, exploit them in the System for Money, they Don’t Have.

Lets take in Account that this Poor or Disabled Person, still has debts in other ways.

Whether it be in Rent, Phone Bills, Food Money, an the list goes on & on.

Then their is corporate debt, which increases a new area of crime, corporate crimes, do you know the Dept of Justice is also a Business, which makes it a Corporation, just as the Govt is.

An they get away with Corporate crimes as well.

Though when someone from the Body Corporate is arrested, they already have Legal Protections, which give them the Loophole in the system to get away with the crime.

In fact it also mimics the Crimes of the Roman Catholic Church, where the Catholic Church is able to Protect its Own Abusers, through its Religious system.

The next thing is to go have a look at Australia’s Debt Clock, an it continues to rise every minute, of every hour of every day.

These economic professionals, in all honesty, don’t know how to bring Australia’s Debt down, because they are as dumbed down as both the Govt & Dept Of Justice, seeing they too have increased Australia’s debt by their own actions.

The Media is also failing us in this World Economic Debt,  the Tax Agents have failed us, The Dept Of Justice has failed us, the Govt has failed us.

To Solve the Debt Problem, doesn’t require for one to do some crazy economic plan to solve ones Debt by paying back, as this is Vanity, an Mankind especially in Govt & Dept Of Justice excels in Vanity, by making you Work to Pay a Debt, which isn’t yours.

Because we have this Debt that isn’t yours, it like a Domino Affect has created The Crime Waves across the World, including in Australia, in All areas.

Remove The Debt & It will Remove the Crimes.

I’d like to quote some wise words.

Yes it comes from the Bible.

Do Unto Others, of what you would have Others Do Unto You.

It also works on the What You Sow, is What You Reap Principal.

Sowing Debt, has Created Debt & that Debt has created Crime, which it Then Reaps back to those who Sowed it.

Sow Life & You Will Reap Life, Sow Death & You Will Reap Death.

Debt as well also Reaps Death, if you have even heard the Latest News of Crimes Happening.

Sow The Right things in Society, even help those who may have Problems with it, an you will reap more than what Money can buy.