The Legacy of The Unrighteous:God’s Rebuke Of Wicked Leaders & Laws

In Isaiah 10:1-4 God Speaks to those Leaders that Decree an Write Unrighteous Decrees inc. Laws.

He Shows us in each verse of How the Leaders have acted Unrighteously to those God would Show Compassion On, instead the Leaders mistreat the Needy, an take away the rights of the Poor, He shows how they Prey Upon them like Predators, an even to Rob & Steal from them that have very real problems. inc. Disabilities.

God then Says what will you do in the Day of Visitation, an when in Desoloation, which shall come from a far place?

He then says to those Wicked Leaders, who will you flee to Help You? an where will it Leave your glory?

God continues Without Him they shall Bow Down under the Prisoners, an they shall fall under the Slain.

God then says for all of this is His Anger, which Isn’t Turned Away, an His Hand is Stretched Out still to those who are the Victims of the Wicked & Unrighteous Leaders who Decreed Unrighteous Laws to Spill the Blood of the Innocent.