Cyber Bullied By The Dept Of Justice

This Article covers the Report of Police Cyber-bullying a Teenager, an Like they say If there doing it to the Teens, there doing it to The Adults, which that saying is very True, Of Dept Of Justice & Govt Corruption.

Here are the Links to the reports.

Andrew Cain Commits Suicide After Police Mock Him On Facebook

Teen’s suicide follows police Facebook campaign

Teenager Commits Suicide After Police Launch Social Media Campaign Against Him | Alternet

This shows us how much more, that the People who are supposedly are meant to Protect Us, are corrupt & cold hearted to there very bones, an that the Public aren’t the Predators, but we are there Prey for Profit.

This brings us to another question, do the Laws of the Land we have, do they bring Healing, or do they Hurt & used with Deception.

The answer is The Latter, they are used to Hurt & used  with Deception, with many in the Govt & Dept Of Justice are also Deceitful.

In there Own Laws, that Protect themselves, They Can Legally Slander You In Court including Lie about you.

Though If they were in God’s Court, they would never get away with that.

So By The Dept Of Justice Bullying The Public & using Deception, they show us the Public that they are nothing but Tyrants, whether it be in Australia, overseas in Europe, it falls right back into Nazi Germany once again, being repeated again in History.

Because of there Bullying & Tyranny they have Murdered this Teen by their Actions, not only Teens, but also those with Disabilities by which it can be harder for them to Adjust, even if they throw them into Prison, it is Intentional Murder, which would be Murder 1 in Australia.

Report the Real Criminals, that hide behind there Govt & Dept Of Justice Titles, an maybe we can put an End to this Tyranny.

Satanists Luring Teens On FaceBook and Myspace

Recently in Australia we received a report of Satanists using Facebook & myspace to lure teens(puberty-late teens) to some of there gatherings using these means of communication so they can be apart of there events in Australia & overseas, with the police who have recently report a few weeks back that they were beginning to crack down on more of the illegal porn, with such an invitation as open as this i’m surprised the authorities haven’t fully moved on this movement, whilst putting many children at risk by there own insolence if there so for protecting the minors of society.

Satanist uses MySpace to feed desire for teen girls | News |

Police home in on child porn

Even though there have been instances of the people being caught out like in the next following article sources, where the authorities have enforced the Law, i remember seeing one report not only covered in Australia but also overseas of health ministers placing in laws in governments of allowing pedophilia between Adults & Children which is a Sad Grossly & Sick Set of Morals they are placing in this times.

Woman in court over ‘molested’ schoolboy, 12 | National News |

‘Safe schools’ chief encouraged child sex with older man

Saudi sex braggart sentenced to five years jail | World News |

Australians the worst child sex offenders in Thailand | World News |

‘Vulnerable, drunk woman had sex with 14-year-old’ | National News |

Teenagers ‘filmed sex act fearing Large Hadron Collider doomsday’ | News |

Students suspended over sex video on phone | National News |

HIV rates soar among young gays

Underage sex law changes ‘disturbing’ – Yahoo!7 News

French Culture Minister Mitterand ‘not paedophile’ | World News |

Yet the biggest discussion in all this is around the age of consent, as we see from the next sources.

Age of consent

Age of consent – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

LEGAL AGE OF CONSENT  (      Age du consentement à l’acte sexuel

Age Of Cosent over the world