Everyboy Needs a Healthy Relationship with their Dad.

This Picture reflects what I lost in my teens, when my dads act of adultery destroyed an important fabric of my life.

This Picture reflects what I lost in my teens, when my dads act of adultery destroyed an important fabric of my life.


Well in my years, especially my teens, my Relationship was destroyed by My Dad, committing Adultery with another woman.

When in your in your Youth-Teens where we need to see the Bond of Mum & Dad, the Most, even to reflect on our own lives.

That was destroyed in mine, Destroying a Trust, not easy to Obtain, when our Paternal or Maternal break that by an action by which as a teen was witness to seeing the Marriage Vow Broken, it also Broke me, an left me Vulnerable in other Areas, Well on top of that, the Woman who committed adultery with my Dad, cracked onto me, an also onto other Members of the family, 2 Uncles & 1 Cousin, all Male, like myself.

It is a Nightmare, that one can’t forget, even as a Christian in this day & age.

This adultery happened before I became a Christian, an the scars are as Ripe as they day it occurred. 

When we look to our Parental figures, they also represent people of Authority in our own Families & Lives.

When those Parental Figures Break a Law say for example a Marriage Vow, it affects the Whole Fabric of the Family.

One of my escapes at the time, an also growing up with my disability, was an addiction to Porn, not proud of it in anyway shape or form.

That Addiction along with The Adultery that scarred me, Don’t Mix.

Boys Need There Dads, an in these days, Marriage is treated like a Joke, or who can sue for More Money.

An being The Teen caught in the Middle of it, is never easy, especially when growing up, you thought, that could never happen to my Mum & Dad.

An when it does, It’s One Scar, that can affect you forever.

When it Happened, I was never directed to any Counseling, or Psychiatrist, or even any group.

I had no outlet to let out my frustrations, even among peers.

Then Society Pins the Sins of the Dad onto the Son by other means, such as the Tyrants in Power.

Making those scars even worse, because not only can the Son, see the Sins of the Father, he also sees the Sins of the Tyrants, which did nothing to help him, when the Son was scarred.

I know I don’t have the Power to go back to My Teens, where I wish I did, this is a Fabric of Time, where I wish what did happen, didn’t happen at all.

All I can do, is Trust in God in the Impossible, that I will eventually be Married, an Have Kids of my Own, as I don’t want was done to me, to be done to my Children, an to live out Gods Promise, to have Kids of my own, with a Healthy Relationship with a Lovely Wife & Mother to Our Children, when that Time Happens.