Woman wins fight against ‘bully’ banks – Yahoo!7 – Yahoo!7 Personal Finance

Woman wins fight against ‘bully’ banks – Yahoo!7 – Yahoo!7 Personal Finance

It’s sad of how the Banks work alongside with the Govt & Dept Of Justice, an then literally exploit & abuse the Public, inc. the disabled, then how they work with the Medical System.

Well done to the woman who came against this Banking Tyrant, if only the People could target, not only the banks, but also the Govt, Dept Of Justice & the Medical System, like a Singularity.

An report the real criminals ruining peoples lives.

Woman wins fight against ‘bully’ banks – Yahoo!7 – Yahoo!7 Personal Finance

Woman wins fight against ‘bully’ banks – Yahoo!7 – Yahoo!7 Personal Finance

Brilliant report to come across, someone winning against the Tyrants in Banking, if only if it was more wider spread, targeting Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System.

Information Overload:Clear & Present Danger

In this day an age is that there is so much information out today on all sorts of things, that it has become an Information Overload.

Information Overload which brings in a Clear & Present Danger in that many in the World Fall Prey to it. Inc. Govt to the Dept of Justice.

With so much Information on the internet many minds have become Blurred, because so much is entering our Minds, both Young & Old, that we lose that to what is coming in, to even things around us, so it’s like we become like a glutton to all the information that is out there, no matter how Good or Bad it Looks or Tastes.

It’s Obvious the Internet is the Biggest World Wide Addiction for all Peoples High & Low, Rich & Poor, Young & Old, an so many people use it these days that it also links to over 30 new addictions each week.

This internet Addiction Affects Politics, It also Affects the Dept Of Justice, as it can also blur their vision of those they charge for Offenses.

Also with the internet comes Multitasking along with addictions, when Multitasking ones mind is focused on so much information it needs to process & juggle to get things done, as individuals we all multi-task differently according to our strengths & weaknesses.

One wise friends advice was when your at work, leave your work at work, don’t bring it home with you, when you leave work you focus on going home to rest & relax, when work comes home with you, it stresses you out, an stress can lead to mistakes.

This brings the next question to stress, the internet can stress one out because alot of the information is both Written & Visual, no matter how good or bad it is.

The Internet has become a Social Enterprise as people all over the World meet people of like mind to meet in a way like never before, no need to pay for a plane to travel overseas, It’s on your doorstep care of the net as we have reconnected ourselves to the information.

Is the internet a Bad thing or Good thing?

The Pros:

  • Making New Friends
  • Learning New Things
  • Increase of Knowledge for hobbies you love.
  • Being Able to express yourself through websites.

The Cons:

  • No 1 on 1 contact
  • Could flare a Past Addiction an make it worse.
  • Lose focus of all things around you.
  • Could end up with a new addiction no matter how right or wrong it is.
  • It becomes bad company changing our Moral compass.

Those are some I thought of, maybe you can do your own.

As we can see we cam easily lose touch with things around us via the Internet, that sometimes we need to take a break from it as it becomes like a Job or 2nd Job to us to see what we sometimes Miss of the Clear & Present Danger.

Child Porn Act: Mask for Privacy Invasion – YouTube

Yep, according to the Govt & Dept Of Justice, everyone is a Child Sex Predator all except them, who can get away with reproducing, distributing child porn online.

Yep thats right, they plan on targeting you, the public, disabled included to be made out to be Child Sex Predators, because they can freely condition you to become something you arent.

The Kinsey Syndrome.

Sexual Behavior in the HUMAN MALE (1948) ...it...

Sexual Behavior in the HUMAN MALE (1948) …item 2.. ANSWERS — SAT TEST CHEATING (October 27, 2011) …item 3.. Atomic Dog [Original Extended Version] – George Clinton (1982) … (Photo credit: marsmet523)

Alfred Kinsey is a man of History, who has played a big part in the conditioning of people to be addicted to child porn.

Alot of Alfred Kinseys Work, was also done alongside with the Govt & Dept of Justice, which also allowed him to have People legally rape children.

Alot of those people included officers of the law, judges, scientists, an of course also used to condition the public.

I have watched this vid before, but I also believe by the Power of God, placed back in Gods hands, any man can be healed of any addiction to porn, inc. the Worst of the Worst.

Society has thrown God in the Box, an treats those who believe in God as all Insane.

There are also reports even on YouTube, of Govt & Dept of Justice subscribing to child porn websites, then that porn gets redistributed from Govt & Dept Of Justice Offices to the Public, for the Conditioning, Brainwashing, Indoctrination of the Public.

Which is a Crime against Humanity.

Hitler as Well also had many SS Soldiers, as well as those in his dept of justice who wore Badges, an raped children, Alfred Kinsey even had contact with one such Nazi, as it records in this vid.