An they shall say all manner of evil against you falsely:Matt 5;11

In Matt 5:11 is says “Blessed are you, when Men Shall Revile You, an Persecute You, an shall say all Manner of Evil against You Falsely, for My Sake”, this is also repeated in Luke 6:22

Well these Words Hold True through a situation right now.

Persecuted, Reviled, an all manner of evil spoken against myself falsely, where even my faith was Mocked.

It is evident the Devil through Todays System is so quick to Protect himself of actions deemed Illegal to the Public, but he is able to distribute it to the Public, an even reproduce it an get away with his evil done to the Public without Judgement.

The Devils aim to criminalize all Christians, an he doesn’t care if you have a disability or not, because he will also target them even via Pornography to Destroy Them an their character, even via Porn Addictions.

I say this because I have been targeted already.

I have lost all Faith in the Govt & Leaders under them who also work in the D.O.J.

The Only Thing Keeping me Strong is My Faith in God, Jesus Christ & The Power Of The Holy Spirit.

No Doubt in Time they will Attempt more evil to speak falsely of me.


Born Broken into a Broken & Imperfect World.

The Only one who can Restore this Broken  & Imperfect World is Christ Jesus.

So here are some Books I Recommend:

1:The Holy Bible.

2:60 things God says about Sex by Lester Sumrall.

3:7 Steps to Recruit Proof Your Child by Scott Lively.

4:The Criminalization of Christianity by Janet Folger.

5:The Homosexual Agenda by Alan Sears & Craig Osten.

6:The Pink Swastika:Homosexuality In the Nazi Party by Lively & Abrams.

These Books are Worth the Information, as it also helps in Personal Research, deemed unorthodox by the Dept Of Justice(D.O.J)

I have also studied Islam inc. The Filth of their prophet Mohammad, It saddens me the things Mohammad did, but those who are Christians & Jews who have studied the filth of Islam will understand what I mean.

The Devil/Satan is very real, even though he is a created spiritual being, his kingdom of Darkness is very real.

In Future Posts I will post info from the above books, an also work on some new Posts.

The Criminalizing of Christians has already begun here in Australia, an God only knows what Trumped up Charges will be bought upon Christians here to help the Devils Agenda Via Islam & the GLBTI Aligned Agenda in Both Politics & the D.O.J.


The Gay Agenda:Thier Demands

You must understand: I’m not talking about the homosexual people who are loved by God & free to live as they choose; I’m talking about a Homosexual Agenda. Here are the Demands of the Homosexual movement made & distributed at their Gay Pride March in Washington, DC on April 25 1993:

  1. That all Sodomy laws be repealed & all forms of sexual expression(including Pedophilia) be Legalized.(P.N:This Pedophilia is already Legal via the Dept of Justice only by which they can Legally Rape Children, an be Sexual Predators to them, without recourse in many a Nation, but illegal for the public to do)
  2. That defense budget funds be diverted to pay for AIDS patients medical expenses & Sex Change Operations.
  3. The Same sex marriages & adoption, custody & foster care within these structures be legalized.
  4. That Homosexual education programs be offered at all levels of education, including elementary schools.(P.N:Is already happening in schools via its Sex Education System, an also Promotes Pedophilia indirectly)
  5. That contraceptives & abortion services be made available to all persons, regardless of age.
  6. That taxpayer funding be made available for artificial insemination of Lesbians & Bisexuals.
  7. That expression of religious based concerns regarding homosexuality be forbidden(P.N:Is already showing its head around the world, inc. Australia via laws).
  8. That organizations like the Boy Scouts be required to accept Homosexual Scoutmasters.

Do any of these sound familiar? Just get out your pencil & check off the list. Number 1:Sodomy Laws repealed in the Supreme Court Lawrence V. Texas decision of June 26, 2003. About the only one they haven’t already gotten is the one about forbidding the expression of religious based concerns on homosexuality. that one concerns me the most. From Janet Folgers Criminalization of Christianity.

(Personal Note:But it’s already showing its Head Indirectly as it Targets Christians in other ways, setting them up as scapegoats for Crimes, the Laws of the Land are able to Break Legally, an target whoever they want to bear the burden of the Crime, whilst they get away with Ungodly Actions)