The Kinsey Scale:Tool Of Manipulation

To those who have encountered the Kinsey Scale, it is nothing more than a tool of manipulation.

Manipulation of the Human Male at it’s best care of Alfred Kinsey.

As if you watch the Kinsey Syndrome Documentary which gives greater depth into the Character of Kinsey, he too played an also manipulated facts.

By mean the Kinsey Scale itself is a Tool of Manipulation, by which the questions asked in the Test, basically works on playing with ones mind & emotions, even if you call yourself Transgender, Transvestite, Lesbian & Homosexual.

On the grounds that when it plays with your emotions, thoughts & feelings.

It set’s you up to be vulnerable in more than one way, because as you apply the Kinsey Scale to then things you have, it then misleads you in an area of addiction towards that certain area.

Males were made to reproduce with Females, an Females were made to reproduce with Males.

Why, it is how Nature runs it course, when did you last see an Elephant Pride with all Males, Populate & Reproduce more Elephants together, an the same with all Female Elephants.

So even in Nature, the answer is even there, that even animals know that Homosexuality, or Transgender, Transvestism don’t work.

Now also taking in Account alot of Alfred Kinsey’s work, he used literally those of Govt, Dept Of Justice(inc officers of the law), an those in the Medical System to be used to rape his victims, by which they were all paid a handsome sum of money for their work, an these Victims, a Majority of them were Children, as this is how far the Kinsey Scale really goes to, to enforce a change in ones behavior to become exactly what Kinsey Himself was(A Pedophile).

The Idea of the Child Protection scheme, comes from all this, it’s not to protect the child, whether disabled or not, it’s to destroy the child, before they even hit legal age, they become Prison Bitches in the Juvenile Detention Centers, by which the Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System, can legally get away with raping your child, even as they use this same system to prey upon the disabled no matter how old they are, to turn them, stereotype them into things they aren’t.

How Sex Education has been used to Brainwash The Young and Old.

Sex Education as much as its important for mankind to reproduce, it has also been over sexualized.

With Sex Education, depending on how old or young one is, without the right directions, it can lead someone very astray, boy/man or girl/woman.

Kinsey interviewing a woman.

With the way Sex Education came in, with the influence of Alfred Kinsey, for it to go from the Home to the Classroom.

My Standpoint is, that it shouldn’t be in the Classroom & bought back Home for the Parents to teach their Family.

The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables

The ABC of Sex Education for Trainables (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Facts - Sex Education DVD for parents of 1...

The Facts – Sex Education DVD for parents of 15-17 year olds (Photo credit: crisispregnancyprogramme)

English: A Letter from Sigmund Freud to a Moth...

English: A Letter from Sigmund Freud to a Mother Concerning her Son’s Homosexuality. The Letter was later send anonymusioly “From a grateful mother” to Alfred Charles Kinsey. Page 1 Deutsch: Ein Brief von Sigmund Freud an eine Mutter, die besorgt über die Homosexualität ihres Sohnes ist. Der Brief wurde später anonym “Von einer dankbaren Mutter” an Alfred Charles Kinsey gesandt. Seite 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: A Letter from Sigmund Freud to a Moth...

English: A Letter from Sigmund Freud to a Mother Concerning her Son’s Homosexuality. The Letter was later send anonymusioly “From a grateful mother” to Alfred Charles Kinsey. Page 2 Deutsch: Ein Brief von Sigmund Freud an eine Mutter die besorgt über die Homosexualität ihres Sohnes ist. Der Brief wurde später anonym “Von einer Dankbaren Mutter” an Alfred Charles Kinsey gesandt. Seite 2 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Some of the Pictures may shock you in this Article, as it seems the Sex Education System, Care of The Govt, Dept Of Justice & even Medical System, have played apart in Brainwashing & Conditioning the Young & The Older.

Sexual Behavior in the HUMAN MALE (1948)

Sexual Behavior in the HUMAN MALE (1948) …item 2.. ANSWERS — SAT TEST CHEATING (October 27, 2011) …item 3.. Atomic Dog [Original Extended Version] – George Clinton (1982) … (Photo credit: marsmet523)

I will also use examples to show points, whether written or in Picture.

Brainwashing of children & adults

I remember a Video that came out in my Youth, called Where Do I Come From? an in the Video it showed 2 cartooned figures 1 Male, 1 Female, later it showed the couple having intercourse, now in the mind of the youth, this imprints, whether male or female, they need to have Intercourse, with an Adult Male/Female, which goes against nature, but does happen in the Middle East in Islam Invaded countries, where the Adults do have sex with the children, an it’s also something Alfred Kinsey, also wanted to Promote with the Idea of the Sex Education system in schools.

Brainwashing of Old & Young of Sex Education System.

Brainwashing of Young & Old through Sex Education

Through his actions, we hear of reports of Teachers having Sex with Students & Vice Versa, the conditioning of there Minds was place because of the Sex Education System, which the Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System, all Protect, an the Public become there guinea pigs so they can imprison them, as they prey upon both the Old & the Young, an both parties one way or another, end up in Prisons, another controlled Conditioned Environment.

They Target the Young to get addictions to Pornography & to have Sex with anyone care of the Sex Ed in schools.

The Meaning of Love & Marriage destroyed.

Destruction of Gods Purpose of Marriage.

They also use this Prey upon those with Disabilities, because they are so easy to Stereotype & Discriminate with the Help of the Media & The Public.

When no longer taught at Home, it misses vital points from Each Parent, Paternal & Maternal

Another fact I need to Point out of what I mentioned in a Previous blog Post is that, Govt can Legally get away with Viewing Child Porn, which makes them Sexual predators, The Dept Of Justice, can get away with Distributing Child Porn, which makes them Sexual Predators & with the Help of the Medical System, that’s right that can get away with reproducing Child Porn, with real victims & class it as research, which they still do with the help of the Dept Of Justice & Govt.

So help Protect Generation Now, including the Disabled, from the True Predators, The Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System.

Bring back Old school with Sex Education coming from the Family & not from those who Alfred Kinsey’s Work has corrupted the Minds of.

Protect a Brighter Future of Generation Now, inc. those with Disabilities, who are Preyed upon by The Govt, Dept Of Justice & Medical System.

The Gay Agenda:Thier Demands

You must understand: I’m not talking about the homosexual people who are loved by God & free to live as they choose; I’m talking about a Homosexual Agenda. Here are the Demands of the Homosexual movement made & distributed at their Gay Pride March in Washington, DC on April 25 1993:

  1. That all Sodomy laws be repealed & all forms of sexual expression(including Pedophilia) be Legalized.(P.N:This Pedophilia is already Legal via the Dept of Justice only by which they can Legally Rape Children, an be Sexual Predators to them, without recourse in many a Nation, but illegal for the public to do)
  2. That defense budget funds be diverted to pay for AIDS patients medical expenses & Sex Change Operations.
  3. The Same sex marriages & adoption, custody & foster care within these structures be legalized.
  4. That Homosexual education programs be offered at all levels of education, including elementary schools.(P.N:Is already happening in schools via its Sex Education System, an also Promotes Pedophilia indirectly)
  5. That contraceptives & abortion services be made available to all persons, regardless of age.
  6. That taxpayer funding be made available for artificial insemination of Lesbians & Bisexuals.
  7. That expression of religious based concerns regarding homosexuality be forbidden(P.N:Is already showing its head around the world, inc. Australia via laws).
  8. That organizations like the Boy Scouts be required to accept Homosexual Scoutmasters.

Do any of these sound familiar? Just get out your pencil & check off the list. Number 1:Sodomy Laws repealed in the Supreme Court Lawrence V. Texas decision of June 26, 2003. About the only one they haven’t already gotten is the one about forbidding the expression of religious based concerns on homosexuality. that one concerns me the most. From Janet Folgers Criminalization of Christianity.

(Personal Note:But it’s already showing its Head Indirectly as it Targets Christians in other ways, setting them up as scapegoats for Crimes, the Laws of the Land are able to Break Legally, an target whoever they want to bear the burden of the Crime, whilst they get away with Ungodly Actions)

The Covenant Rainbow

The Covenant Rainbow

A Look in the dark world exposing some of Kinseys Work in Australia.

A Pro Israel tumblr.

The Gay/Bisexual/Straight Whorehouse Industry:The Industry of Death Dealers.

Over the weekend i found out from of my friends went to a gay Sauna, called Subway Sauna on Flinders Street in Melbourne, he describe his experience in there that he was approached & touch without his permission by a complete stranger who also kissed him in there bathrooms, which he didn’t want at all, as he was preyed upon from a gay asian, they had no respect too him in what they had done, and no remorse for there actions, as now he has noticed the symptoms of an STI which he is now making arrangements to see a doctor & now see these Gay Saunas a Disease Warehouses of Death that should be shut down & may never go back into another one again.

The Shadow Of Death

Saying it has turned him off the Gay Lifestyle, let alone even the Bi-sexual Lifestyle & that he was safer at home watching porn at least he would know that he wouldn’t get any complete stranger violating his space & giving out these STI’s or STD’s, an that the Gay Lifestyle is also a curse upon the whole nation that the nation should be called to repentance & leave its wicked ways.

He has also seen the error of his own ways & even repentant himself trusting left only in God who can heal him an whatever treatment can free him of this shadow of death.