Stuxnet 2.0:Israels eyes on Aussie Govt Authority Criminals

I’m sure you remember the report about Israels Stuxnet Virus.

Well this is covering Stuxnet 2.0, they could be very well up to Stuxnet 7.0, who knows.

So here are a couple of links to Stuxnet in the news.

As we can see, that not even Russia or Iran could stop the capability of this Stuxnet Virus, an if they were unable to stop it, nor will Australia be able too, which is a good thing.

I remember coming across a report from Israel, from which Israel had intel of Govt Authority Corruption within Australias Own Govt Authorities.

Once the virus hits Govt Authority computers, this would work any better than what Anonymous or Occupy Groups put together, would be in exposing Govt Authority Criminals in Power, intentionally Destroying the Lives of the people, whether Disabled or Not.

The thing is with the Stuxnet Virus, is once it hits, targets, it also adapts, almost like a living virus.

Sun Tzu the Author of the Art of War, wrote of many ways to attack an enemy, even though in these days its more technological warfare, Our Technology is also used to record numbers of items that are in ones position.

The Virus itself, though many may not like what Im about to say next, is a Blessing from God, as Australia has turned more & more into Nazi Germany, even Destroying the Lives of the Disabled intentionally.

The Virus would also have a good memory, as it would easily gain access to Ports & Govt Authority Emails, to even access to their computers an underground operations to which Australia is Presently involved in against the Public.

I would like to continue more on this subject, but the Corrupt Govt Authorities that are in Power, an Run the Kiddy Porn & Child Sex Rings in Australia, want to destroy the main Author of this blog, because he has a Disability, because they want to destroy him to cover up their lies & deception of their part in the Kiddy Porn & Child Sex Rings, of the Porn they upload onto the internet to purposely Mind Control the Disabled, like the Cult they are The Cult of the Govt Authorities consisting of Politicians, Magistrates, Australian Federal Police, State & Terroritry Police involved in running Child Sex Rings via the Supposed Child Protection Mob.

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I remember when I 1st bought the PureNRG Album, an this song was 1 of many favourites on it.

It reminds me of the Song Of Solomon, to have a Special Someday where you could see & meet the Person that God has Planned for you to Live with, if your Male, Your Eve, an if your Female, Your Adam.

I still long for that Special Someday & Special Someone that the Lord God Of Israel has Prepared for me, an it aches daily when knowing I haven’t encountered them yet, an they encountered me, an if we have encountered each other, to see each other again.

But until then, My 1st Love must be God, who sent Jesus Christ & the Promise of His Holy Spirit that teaches all things.

I don’t like being Single, because being single, you do get Lonely, its why I have waited so long for Gods Promise of a Wife & Family to be fulfilled.

Lord God Of Israel, I pray it be sooner than Later, because this Broken Vessel needs a Miracle which only You can Provide, as You are the only one I trust above any person.

Israel confirms Australian’s suicide in judge’s inquiry – Terra USA

Israel confirms Australian’s suicide in judge’s inquiry – Terra USA

In this report, Israel confirms of a Judges suicide, in an inquiry made, no doubt they would’ve found evidence of the Judges corruption, of exploitation of the innocent, an how much of it, he knew was happening around Australia.

On top of that His suicide also becomes a cover up, of the Lawlessness happening with those who Hide Behind the Law.

The Legacy of The Unrighteous:God’s Rebuke Of Wicked Leaders & Laws

In Isaiah 10:1-4 God Speaks to those Leaders that Decree an Write Unrighteous Decrees inc. Laws.

He Shows us in each verse of How the Leaders have acted Unrighteously to those God would Show Compassion On, instead the Leaders mistreat the Needy, an take away the rights of the Poor, He shows how they Prey Upon them like Predators, an even to Rob & Steal from them that have very real problems. inc. Disabilities.

God then Says what will you do in the Day of Visitation, an when in Desoloation, which shall come from a far place?

He then says to those Wicked Leaders, who will you flee to Help You? an where will it Leave your glory?

God continues Without Him they shall Bow Down under the Prisoners, an they shall fall under the Slain.

God then says for all of this is His Anger, which Isn’t Turned Away, an His Hand is Stretched Out still to those who are the Victims of the Wicked & Unrighteous Leaders who Decreed Unrighteous Laws to Spill the Blood of the Innocent.

Why Society is so Blinded?

We often wonder why society is so blinded to the things of a Spiritual Nature.

Yet So Open to condemn those who hold to Spiritual Beliefs.

The answer is simple, an not complicated.

It’s Pride.

Pride that says I have no need for a God, an that make ourselves better than God.

Yet everything we put our hands to, falls apart, like the world around us.

Mankind is a victim to SIN & Transgression of God’s Law.

Yet Whether it be Rich or Poor, High or Low in Authority Status, we all have Planks in our eyes, Just like Jesus Spoke of in the New Testament.

We think we can solve our problems by our own Merit.

But our Merit is Worthless as the clothes we wear.

So we seek to obtain Merit, always looking to be approved by public opinion, whether it be in Big or Small groups..

But all those Opinions are Worthless, worthless like a currency of No Value.

So we turn to the Material, thinking it will fill us, on the void, we have within. 

An as we gather more an more Material items, we still fail to fill the void.

So we try other things like Popularity, like the stars on the TV screen, who practically get away with all soughts of crimes.

But it also shows even in there popularity, they too are blinded looking to fill the void.

Even the so called Kings of the underworld, claim popularity by their reputation, even when working with the corrupt system of this world & authorities in it.

Then we see other needs that need to be met, an like Adam & Eve, we find our Leaves to cover ourselves up.

Once our leaves fail us, we run to whatever we can to cover ourselves up, an fail in finding fulfillment.

As much as this world chooses to Mock God, an His Children, The Society will fall deeper & deeper into God’s Wrath.

It is the Cause & Affect of Any Nation, that doesn’t uphold God’s Word, in both Old & New Testament, For even Jesus forgave Sex Offenders.

Society thinks by Cheating God, it will achieve Salvation.

In the End, the wicked end up devouring on each other.

So I’m sure your wondering what this has to do with the issue of being Blinded.

Because we seek for what we can’t do in our Own Power, seeing All Power Belongs to God through Jesus Christ an the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Without these things, Society Crumbles an falls just like the Tower of Babel, an Empires that came after them.

Wherever Israel was, Gods Power was, Shown in Signs of Power, Like the Pillar of Fire by Night, an the Cloud by Day, from the Plagues that went through Egypt, an armies that Threatened Israel, Destroyed. 

Just as Armies can be Destroyed by Gods Power.

So can our Carnal Urges be Destroyed by Gods Power, as I have seen Gods Power Intervene in An Addiction Problem to Porn, which I’m not Proud of, in any way, shape or form, I’ve done things I’m Ashamed Of.

But I’m thankful that Jesus Christ is the Answer to any Addiction, no matter how severe it is.

But the World doesn’t want Jesus Christ, it would rather choose Pornography,Drugs, Approval from Others, anything to get a fix for a temporary feel good feeling in all areas, High or Low, Rich & Poor, Religious or Not.

I admit I have let the things of this World Deceive me, but I’m thankful that I can go to the Father of All Creation, an Jesus Christ the Atonement for my Sins Past, Present & Future.


The Deadness of Society:Living in a World that Hates God.

Society is on it’s own Suicide Mission, Killing who it can get into the conformities of this World.

Conformity is also Compromise, handing the Reigns of ones mind, body an Soul to be conformed to the Sinful nature not only of our flesh, which we must purge or to extract like puss from a pimple, seeing we have a Spiritual Enemy who seeks to Destroy what God has Created.

Where there is Deadness in Society there is Hatred towards God, who sent his only Son Jesus Christ to Redeem us.

It doesn’t matter where you go today, there is always a skeptic, an someone ready to squash your Belief in The Almighty God of Israel.

So they try looking to earthly cures hoping it will restore a person to a form of Sanity.

Whether it be a Doctor, Judge, Police Officer, Politician, they all seem to think an live in their own world to what is right, same applying to rich & poor.

Sanity by itself applies to someone who is Sound in Mind like that spoken of in the New Testament in 2 Tim 1:7, by which we are given a clear perspective to what it is to be of Sound Mind.

These days we run Sanity Tests differently, an a Majority of the time, Without God to Lead & Show us the way to bring someone of unsound mind, back to soundness.

If you Speak of God in the World today, you are often Mocked, considered a Nutcase, or even a Radical Fundamentalist.

Then you are Criticized an told the Myth & Lie, is that all wars are religious based.

The Truth is Not all wars are Religious Based.

Politics plays a big part in Many Wars, that which our government & leaders under them Heed to their Beckoned Call like Dogs on a Leash.

Whether a Political Leader has a religious belief or not, it is often ignored an turned to do anything at any cost to safeguard a region.

But many Politicians today an all those under them, have abandoned the Biblical Roots of this Nation, where do you ever see a Political leader go into the Prisons & pray for someones recovery, or even go to the poorest of poor on the streets, an feed & help them.

They have Abandoned a flock of people & set their Hopes on Greed or the next Promotion, an forgotten what it is truly to serve.

I Believe God is Able to Restore the Worst of the Worst out there, Through Jesus Christ’s Name, Blood & Word.

So Government becomes the Peoples conformity to what is Right & Wrong.

Pornography:All forms Accepted by the Gov’t Legal, inc. Pornography Illegal for the Populace to Watch, But Legal for Officers to Watch because they Carry Their Gov’t  Dept of Justice Pride Badge.

1 Set of Rules for the Public & Another Set of Rules for those in Leadership Positions.

Nothing More than Corruption, as they are Worse than the Pharisees in Jesus Time.

Drugs Illegal to have Public & Leaders in Authority, then you have those in Authority working with Drug Dealers, Corruption once again, inc. Drugs Prescribed which can Harm a persons chemical Balance, an breaks the Hippocratic Oath.

So in complete honesty, I say this, As much as Gov’t to many leaders in thi day an age to come, they have no understanding of what True Power is.

They are like the ones spoken in the New Testament of having a form of godliness, but Denying the Power of God to Change Peoples Lives.

It is Evident that as a Nation, we have become obsessed with Personal Pride in all Areas once again, High & Low, Rich & Poor.

Such Pride can Destroy a Nation, no matter how Big or Famous.

The Egyptian Empire, Died out because of Pride, So did Babylon, Medes & Persian, Greeks & Romans, along with the Spiritual help in the side of Pride from the Devil.

So what if there was a change that affected the Whole Nation, that upheld  the Nation in Prayer, Politicians praying for the Weak & needy, helping their fellow Neighbor.

Trusting in the Power of God to the one in Front of them with the Affected Problem.

Prayer Police which go around to peoples places of all addictions, help them Straight away to get into a God centered Program to get their life Back on Track, as well as Personally Praying for them with the Power of God to Deliver them of there Problem, along with a weekly check up.

So let’s work towards the Resurrection of Our Society, Instead of Leaving it to Die.

Australian Islamic Leaders Plan Terrorist Attack Against Australian Citizens & Leaders

Shariah Court

With the Australian Islamic Leaders Infuriated at Australians not wanting to have Shariah Law active in our Land, they are devising a plan of Terrorist Attacks against Australia s Citizens & Leaders to get their way in the Nation, also Infuriated that Australia won’t allow them to have their own Islamic State, because they refuse to follow the Laws of the Land, that are already in the Land, Many Leaders amongst the Islamic Community aren’t only looking to outright in the open Terrorist Attacks, but plan on manipulating their way by any means to get into places of power, by using Bribes toward Politicians who will side with them, to even those of local MP’s in Suburbs to gain the upper hand to enforce Shariah Law in our Neighbourhoods, of which in truth they have also lied to Australians that under Shariah Law that their would be no Interest on Loans through their Banking System, which has already been Proven untrue in countries they have Invaded in the Past, that people who have come under Islam’s Oppression in the Middle East are Left Paying a Life Tax, where you literally become their slaves.

Whilst this is Happening The Muslims are still Manipulating many Australians to Turn against Israel, so they can obtain the upper hand in Australia, by using their Hatred against Israel, to turn many Christian Leaders, Political Leaders, Religious Leaders to Bring Desolation to this Land.

Whilst Islamic Leaders are Demonizing Australians in Their Mosques because of the many nations practices, they too are guilty of breaking many laws of the Land of Australia themselves & getting their many followers to do the same thing, by having many multiple wives and abusing the welfare system to its max, also with their many terrorist training camps, which many of the Islamic Leaders have kept secreted amongst fellow trusted Muslims & their own leaders, and also being involved in alot of the black-market buying & selling of firearms even amongst their own.

Their Targets they plan on pulling towards their cause are those of High Class, Middle & Low Class in Australia, of all backgrounds, to even exercise many of Australia’s Laws against Australians, The Hate Crime Law execution was only the beginning of their greater plan to make this Nation Completely Islamic at any cost, as Australia we start to see an increase of middle eastern crime by Muslims against Australian Citizens, which many have thought out amongst the Islamic Communities, the next big card they will play in the matter will be The Race Card, by which the Muslims themselves will also play a role in the increase of attacks on the Jewish Communities, targeting not only the old, but also the young, in their Anti-Semitic Attacks on Australian Jewish Citizens, the Islamic Protests will also increase with intention to harm not only the law enforcement, but also the Australian defense force, including bullying to increase within schools by Muslims towards many students, an then an increase of the Islamic false victim scenarios.

Also in the Mid 90’s a document that was going around an was able to be accessed by the windows system which Islam played a role in it’s distribution was a document called The Terrorist Handbook, which Muslims still use and access today for their formulated formulas to make explosives and other nasty little devices, which since then, also would’ve been updated to keep up with the latest of Illegal arms.

The Islamic Intention Of Peace for Australia that they portray for this time is a big act, as they in reality have no true intentions of Peace ever to be shown in this country of Australia, as we only need to look at our neighbouring country Indonesia of the Brutal attacks done by Muslims against many of the innocents killed for their cause.

Changes are coming to this nation whether we like it or not, but it’s up to those Australians to make the Right Choice, the Choice to be Slaves Under Islams Tyranny, or the Choice to Stomp Out Islams Tyranny for Good & not to be the victim of Islam’s violence that is to come, as an Islamic Homicide Bomber doesn’t care who they kill, as their own intentions are those to increase the cause of Islam by any means necessary & available, including those means unnecessary & unavailable.