We are a Stolen Generation on our Own, Our Lives have been Stolen from us.

Stolen by those of that which the corrupt Govt says we should Trust, whilst the Dept Of Justice Abuse Us.

Stolen of our Dignity, Stolen of our Lives, Stolen from our Families, Whilst they Spread There Lies of Us.

Stolen by those the Accursed, Whilst they will shoot you down, verse by corrupt verse of their Laws of Iniquity.

Stolen by those who Violate our Souls, our minds & hearts.

Stolen not only of our Physical things that which belong to us, Stolen of Spiritual things which also uphold us.

Stolen of our Innocence, they continue to mistreat us, Stolen by those who are The COLD & HEARTLESS.

Stolen & taken like a Sacrifice bought to a Pagan Alter, our Blood Shed to Please the Idol of Money, Greed, Lust & Power.

Stolen, unable to be Set Free, by these Workers of Iniquity, there Lawless Laws, that look after themselves, but not look after others.

Stolen by the Selfishness, of Selfish Men, that wear fancy clothes, with fake Piousness.

Stolen by those who will Stab you in the Back, Stolen by those Who Enjoy there FAT.

Rudd replaces Gillard: I have a bad feeling about this.

Well last night we heard the Results that Kevin Rudd, now replaces Julia Gillard as Prime Minister.

I remember when I was 1st old enough to Vote, an there was no Rudd or Gillard fighting for the role of Prime Minister.

Instead it was Howard for the Liberal Party Nationals, I forgot who represented labour at the time, an then there was what I would probably considered the Wildcard Vote, Pauline Hanson, who got my Vote.

Sure enough, Howard Won the Election, an I still remember what he did in his 1st year as PM, an this was before Islam attacked the World Trade Centers on 9th of September.

Howard practically gave free trips for Muslims to go on Hajj, which I found very odd at the time.

Then not long after that, into 2001 an we got the attacks on Sept the Eleventh.

I was interstate at the time, in fact in the ACT, in Australia, an I was considered on Hot Real Estate should there be any attack from the Muslims in the time I was there.

I do know the Muslims did plan to attack the Israeli Embassy at the time, I heard about that on the News.

Since that time, Australia’s Defense Force has been sent overseas, leaving many Australians, feeling unprotected in there own Backyard, by the Tyrants that run our Country, from Politics to the Dept Of Justice.

Rudd claims that he is back in Touch with the community, but with things which will be very short lived for him, with Time very Short for the upcoming Election this year.

It’s why I say………. I have a bad feeling about this, just like that heard in not only Star Wars, but also Indiana Jones.

There is something in the air, an whether people have noticed it or not, an With Australia’s National Debt still rising each day, an Kevin Rudd wanting Australians to Keep a Positive Outlook on it, He is sorely Mistaken, as he too will continue to increase Australia’s National Debt, by whatever he does.

The Dept Of Justice, can’t do nothing to Stop Australia’s National Debt Rising.

Well when the next set of elections came up in my lifetime, I voted for Howard, an Again for the Following, The Last Election was for the Labor Party, knowing in my gut they were going to Win it.

With this Election, whether, I’ll be there to Vote for it or Not, I have no Idea, or whether I’ll be home in the Following Year.

With the Tyrants in Power here in Australia, from Govt to Dept Of Justice, scapegoating the public for crimes, they can Legally Get Away With.

I’d Gladly make Thomas Jefferson a Prime Minister of Australia, instead of the Tyrants we have now in Politics & Dept Of Justice, an I’d let him Head the Dept of Justice as well.

With Labor in Politics there is always the Underlying Issue for Australia to Vote itself in as a Republic, an Separate itself from its Monarch, It wouldn’t surprise me by any means, that these Politicians will enforce Australia to become a Republic Nation, without any Votes or Voting needed, by that we would have to completely re-establish not only the Laws in this country, but also our Politics.

Would it be a bad thing, others have said yes, an others have said no.

It still wouldn’t stop our connection to the Monarchy, but instead of a Prime Minister, we would have a President.

Even the Queen isn’t to fussed if we go to a Republic, no different than what Canada did.

Whatever Happens in This Election.